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Has anyone taken the chemical CBT exam?

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Since the OP hasn't responded, I would guess that he passed lol

I took the chemical CBT in June, I found most problems straight forward, for most problems, my calculated result was almost always in one of the four choices. I finished the exam right on time, went home and celebrated. 

Three days later had I found that I failed, the diagnostic result showed that my knowledge was below average on every subject. 


I regretted that all I did to prepare was did the NCEES practice exam over and over (roughly 10 times in total). Not only this was inefficient, but little did I realize that I was only getting familiar with those 80 problems instead of being agile with the reference book and actually reviewed with those contexts learned in college. So I spent a few hundred dollars on PPI books, starting from scratch and planning to step in again soon. 

If you already took it, please share your experience. 

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