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Nov 3, 2021
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Pittsburgh, PA
So I wanted to share a recent adventure I have been undertaking. And that is to collect every major edition of the AISC Steel Construction Manual.

From my research, there are 15 major editions. 9 ASD, 3 LRFD, and 3 combined. plus three Seismic Design Manuals corresponding with the three latest combined methodology editions.

Here is my collection so far:
TitleEditionYearColorEdition Owned
Steel Construction Manual1st (ASD)1927Black
Steel Construction Manual2nd (ASD)1934Black
Steel Construction Manual3rd (ASD)1937Black
Steel Construction Manual4th (ASD)1941Black
Steel Construction5th (ASD)1947Black21st Printing (1957)
Steel Construction Manual6th (ASD)1963Burgandy4th Revised (1967)
Steel Construction Manual7th (ASD)1970Teal1st Printing (1970)
Steel Construction Manual8th (ASD)1980Red
Manual of Steel Construction1st (LRFD)1986Blue1st Revised (Jan. 1991)
Steel Construction Manual9th (ASD)1989Green
Manual of Steel Construction2nd (LRFD)1998Silver2nd Revised (Apr. 1998)
Manual of Steel Construction3rd (LRFD)2001Dark Blue
Steel Construction Manual13th2005Black
Steel Construction Manual14th2011Burgandy2nd Printing (Feb 2012)
Steel Construction Manual15th2017Teal
Seismic Design Manual1st2006Black
Seismic Design Manual2nd2012Burgandy1st Printing (Sep 2012)
Seismic Design Manual3rd2018Teal

The 14th Ed. is the one I got in college and it has been well used! The 3rd LRFD Edition should be arriving this week or next.

Has anyone else undertaken this journey? How hard was it to find the first 4 editions. I can find the 1st for a lot fo money on ebay, but not so much luck with the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th ASD editions.