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Mar 31, 2017
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Hello everyone,

This is a review of the PPI Electrical and Electronics Reference Manual.

1. It’s outdated. The topics, such as rotating machines, are no longer on the exam since the split between the power and the electronics exams. It’s also lacking information that is on the exam such as antenna radiation patterns.

2. There is too much information. No one’s going to read every single word. Because of this, it feels a bit difficult to navigate; however, it is an easy read. The organization of information can be streamlined.

3. The charts that combine a lot of information into a small, easy to read format were of great help. There is opportunity for more charts.

4. More examples are always helpful. There were examples for some concepts but not others.

All in all, I think this is a great reference book to buy. I definitely used it on the exam; particularly helpful were the charts. It’s certainly not the only book you need to study and refer like they want it to be, but it has the potential to be with some rework.

I did the demo courses of the School of PE, and I thought it was comprehensive. I didn't do the full course because I didn't have the time. To be honest, if you're studying for the exam, take the NCEES practice exam blind, study the topics you missed and collect references on your weak topics, then take the list of topics given by the NCEES and study each topic until you're comfortable with it.


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