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PE Mechanical Material for Sale - Ready to ship anywhere in US

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Jun 14, 2018
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Set of MECH PE Books for sale:

TI-36X Pro calculator with manual: $10

Oxford Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering: $5

Engineering Unit Conversions: $20

Random printed reference material: $Shipping

Kennedy orange book: $10

Kennedy blue book: $20

Six Minute Solutions for Mechanical PE, 2nd ed.: $30

Juvinall & Marshek Machine Design: $Shipping

Gere Mechanics of Materials: $Shipping

NCEES PE Mechanical Systems and Materials (2011): $30

NCEES PE Machine Design and Materials (2016): $30

Practice Problems for MERM - 12th Edition: $20

MERM 13th Edition (with PDF copy too): $150

I add it all up to $325 at my asking price plus shipping.
I can offer to go down to $300 final price for the material plus shipping.
I weighed it all up to estimate shipping to be around 20 lbs weight. I expect shipping cost to be around $30. Total estimate is $330.

I'm in Houston starting 8/6 and local pickup would be just fine.
If not, I'll figure out shipping cost and you can do payment by Paypal Personal or Zelle or Venmo.

If interested, please email on [email protected]