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Jul 2, 2022
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This might be a dumb question but I cannot seem to find any definitive language on when to use limited approach vs restricted approach, so hoping someone on here can help me understand this. Question 35 states: "A section of an indoor 34.5 kV ac switchgear lineup will have its doors opened, exposing live rigid bus bars, for a period of time while maintenance is conducted by a qualified person. In accordance with the 2015 edition of NFPA 70E, the approach boundary for shock protection of the person conducting the maintenance is most nearly: (A) 2'-7" ; (B) 2'-9" : (C) 6'-0" ; (D) 10'-0" "

Table 130.4(D)(a) seems to be the right table but how are we supposed to know to use the restricted approach boundary column and not column 3? Is it because of the wording that says work is being conducted by a qualified person?
I do not have access to NFPA 70E, but I would think yes. Just did the PE power practice exam last a 25/80. My exam is Wednesday so it is time to have a good attitude and pass it!
You are correct. Only a qualified person can pass the limited approach boundary.