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Jul 23, 2023
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Currently working for a fire sprinkler contractor as a fire sprinkler designer and was researching the path I can take towards getting a Fire Protection PE. Non of my coworkers have a PE so I am trying to figure out what I need for the professional reference portion, After reading through "The Work Experience Engagement/Reference Instructions" for CA, I found some vague working regarding branches that are non practice regulated. It essentially states that since Fire protection is not practice regulated, anyone can serve as a reference as long as they are engineers, scientist, or technical persons. I have emailed the board but they have not responded yet so I want to see if any of you have an insight regarding my questios.

Does anyone know what constitutes as a Technical Person?
Can Nicet (fire protection certification for people with no engineering degree) certified coworkers pass as a Technical Person?
If they allow Nicet certified people, is there a minimum level?
Does anyone know if a PE from another state serve as a reference? (Employer has brances all over the nation and they have PE in other states but not CA)
Does anyone who have have tried to use non PE for reference for these non regulated branches have any insight?

Thanks for anyone who can help!