AEI - Live Webinars for the Civil PE Structural Depth Review Class - Starting Aug 22, 2021, Taught by Dr Ahmed Ibrahim and Dr Foued Zayati

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Nov 12, 2019
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AEI Live Webinars for the Civil PE Structural Depth Review Class starting August 22, 2021.
Taught by Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim and Dr. Foued Zayati. Please see class testimonial at
  • The class provides a comprehensive review of the NCEES topics. Total of 62 hours of detailed lectures and problem solving.
  • Live interactive webinars starts Aug. 22. Please see Class Schedule on our website.
  • OnDemand Webinars are available immediately.
  • Registration includes:
    • 3" Binders full of class materials: Fundamentals, Examples, Homework problems and Summary Sheets for each topic.
    • Mini-Exams for each module and a full 4-hour Final Simulation Exam that includes 40 problems and a review of simulation exam solution.
    • Access to Ask the Instructor portal and and a Discussion Forum for class participants.
    • Free repeat.
Class Contents:
  1. Structural Loads : 8 hours
  2. Structural Analysis: 12 hours
  3. Steel Design: 9 hours
  4. Concrete Design: 12 hours
  5. Foundation Design : 3 hours
  6. Wood Design: 6 hours
  7. Masonry Design: 6 hours
  8. Construction Topics: 4 hours
  9. AASHTO : 2 hours
  10. Access to Structural Mechanics section of the Civil Breadth (additional 8 hours)


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Nov 12, 2019
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See what our students are saying:

"Quite honestly I don't think there are better instructors than Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Zayati for structural. I took a lot of classes out there for structural depth (Civil PE) and you guys not only had the best materials, you had the patience and interest to present the materials. Looking forward to the Lateral and Vertical classes with you.” FYI, Dr. Zayati's summary notes for concrete and steel, as well as Dr. Ibrahim's wood and masonry, is what I use as reference every time in the office, not to mention in the exam.

Penitas, TX

I wanted to write to thank both of you! I Passed my civil structural PE
on my first try!! I am so happy!
I think your class prepared me excellently. I felt confident in my
answers, and your advice and binder were my most used resource in the test.
The test this round was really hard, I walked in extremely confident, and I left the exam unsure if I would pass. I knew how to do a lot of the questions, but there were a few I was unsure of what they were asking. I hung in there with it though, and followed your advice and tips on how to take the exam, and came out on top. I think the course you offer is the best out there for structural folk. I look forward to taking the S.E. courses
with AEI!

Greenville, AL

"Thank you very much Prof. Ibrahim
I am so grateful to you and AEI Institute for your exceptional guidance and continued support to help me succeed in this exam. You are such an inspiration to me."

Cary, NC

"Dear Professor Ibrahim and Professor Zayati,
I am writing this email to inform you that I have successfully passed the PE exam and I would not have been able to do it without your help. I graduated college in 2019 and I do not have any experience when it comes to structural design, yet I left the exam room feeling ecstatic as I knew then that I did very well. I was going to follow your exam strategy advice to work on the easy questions first to build up confidence but to my surprise, I did not need to skip a question until after Question 11. That’s how well you have prepared me, and I really thank you both for it."

San Diego, CA