⚡ Everything you need to know for Digital Systems to pass the Electrical FE Exam (Logic gates, counters, flip flops, k-maps, state machines, truth tab

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Zach Stone P.E.

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Oct 25, 2016
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According to the FE exam specifications, there are approximately 8 to 12 questions on digital systems, making this the largest subject on the FE exam by the total number of questions!

This means that how well you do on digital systems can easily be the difference in passing or failing the FE exam.

We just released 20 brand new videos to our free online review course covering every subject of Digital Systems to help you with the largest subject on the Electrical and Computer the FE exam:

  1. Digital Systems Introduction
  2. Conversion to The Decimal System
  3. Decimal to Binary Conversion
  4. Binary Complements
  5. Binary Subtraction and Addition
  6. Boolean Algebra Basics
  7. De Morgan's Theorem for Boolean Algebra
  8. Truth Tables for Logic Gates and Circuits
  9. AND, and OR Logic Gates
  10. Exclusive Or (XOR) Logic Gate
  11. NOT AND (NAND) Logic Gate
  12. Logic Minimization with Karnaugh Maps (K Maps)
  13. J-K Flip Flops
  14. D Flip Flops
  15. SR Flip Flops
  16. Mealy and Moore Machines
  17. State Diagrams
  18. Counters
  19. Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)
  20. State Machine Design

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Make sure you're comfortable with digital systems and be prepared to see A LOT of questions on this subject when you take the FE exam.

Don't let digital systems hold you back from passing the FE exam. Get started on working through the 20 brand new videos today to give you the advantage you need that just may mean the difference in passing and moving on to the PE exam:

Click here to go directly to the new Chapter 15 - Digital Systems video library.