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    Re-examination approval for Quarter 1

    Update on my timeline, hopefully it helps others: 11/9/2020 Mailed re-examination form & check to board 12/28/2020 Check deposited 1/11/2021 Via email, I received authorization to test in Q1 2021
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    Re-examination approval for Quarter 1

    I mailed my re-examination (surveying) form and check on 11/9/20 and it was deposited on 12/28/20. However no email or snail mail from BPELSG confirming anything yet.
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    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Have you looked into horse stall mats? I've heard they are good for home gym floors. Example: https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/4-ft-x-6-ft-x-3-4-in-thick-rubber-stall-mat
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    Count to 100,000 using only pics

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    Horse is to stable

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    For Sale: Ibrahim/EET Seismic Review Books Bundle

    Selling EET/Ibrahim's guide and practice exam set on eBay: Fundamentals of Seismic Analysis and Design of Buildings Guide (4th ed) & Practice Exams (3rd ed) (https://www.ebay.com/itm/133621296378) Please note I am cross-posting from the Yard Sale forum.
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    FREE (just pay shipping)

    Offering these for free (will just charge you shipping via PayPal or Venmo) - please PM me if interested. These were published awhile ago, but perhaps someone will find them useful. I will update this thread when they are no longer available. FE Supplied-Reference Handbook by NCEES, 8th edition...
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    Selling: Various FE, Civil PE, Water Resources & Environmental, Seismic Books

    Update #1: If the item is still on eBay, it's still available. I will update this thread when the 2 free items are no longer available. Update #2: This book should be categorized under Civil PE (Depth/Afternoon) - Water Resources & Environmental: PE Civil: Water Resources and Environmental...
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    Selling: Various FE, Civil PE, Water Resources & Environmental, Seismic Books

    Hi everyone, long-time lurker here. I am selling my review books on eBay and have listed everything for at least half off of the original price. I would like to use eBay for my transaction protection and yours. Many of these have markings and notes in it. I was able to pass my exams with the...