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  • I graduated from the UK with an honors degree in 1988.  Since residing in the US I have experienced difficulties progressing my career as a direct result of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) unfair and unjust cut-off date for accrediting graduates.

    ABET with other signatories setup the accreditation system under the Washington Accord in 1989, which happens to be one year after I graduated.  My degree is accredited in the UK by the Engineering Council; ironically they were one of the signatories who together with ABET set up the Washington Accord.  It beggars belief that ABET has intentionally left earlier graduates out of the accreditation process...makes me wonder who they are protecting because it can’t be the employers after eliminating thousands of experienced engineers!  So who is it they protected when they excluded all those before 1989?  ABET would have reasonably known that immigrants of earlier graduation years will be arriving in the USA to work. ABET should have at least issued employers with an advisory explaining that their accreditation system is limited and nonexclusive, also touching on age discrimination.  Other graduates from many years before me should also be considered when a system was being set up and monopolized by an organization.

    I have suffered emotionally and financially because employers incorrectly believe ABET is a fair assessor of qualifications.  I am still struggling to progress my engineering career and would like others in a similar situation to help me start a class action lawsuit.  If you know how I should go about this please let me know.  Also, do you know where else is suitable I could post this message?  Please email me on abetaction@piotha.com Thank you, George

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