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    How to find TRD of Diamond interchange?

    #of ramps in 6 mile section/6 = TRD  one diamond interchange is 2 ramps per direction  so 2x3/6=1=TRD
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    EB Mafia

    Not this time thank you though!
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    EB Mafia

    @SaltySteve I vote for @TrickShotG out of retaliation, he has it out for me 
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    October 2020 Results

    It’s absolutely worth it, they walk you through everything, at least that was my experience for the transportation. The structural instructor wasn’t my favorite, maybe someone who has taken the structural depth course can chime in there but over all I thought the class was awesome. 
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    EB Mafia

    Congratulations dothracki! You freaking did it man!!!!
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    EB Mafia

    @SaltySteve I retract my vote for @DuranDuran and recast my vote to @Roarbark because everyone is ganging up on me lol
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    PE Review Courses (Civil - Transportation)

    Anytime, and thank you!
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    PE Review Courses (Civil - Transportation)

    Weird timing I just posted this in the transportation form, hope it helps.
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    EET Course Review

    I know there are a lot of these, but I wanted to let everyone know my take on the EET’s Breadth and Transportation Depth review courses. I think it’s difficult for anyone to predict what might be on the exam, but I’ll say that the instructors at EET, especially Samir, did a fantastic job of...
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    October 2020 Post Exam Wait Period - Welcome to the Suck

    Holy bleep, the wait has ended. Thank you all for the incredible journey.