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    Chief of Engineering and Construction Management (City Engineer), Jacksonville, FL

    Job Description This position reports to the Director of Public Works and is responsible for the planning of and the engineering of public works projects, including all water, wastewater, water reclamation, sanitation facilities and solid waste disposal facilities projects; the...
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    Post here if you passed

    I passed a year ago.  Does that count?
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    What color will the pencil be?

    Can someone post what color the pencil was for the past 5 years. Thanks.
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    Good Luck Engineers!

    I wish all the people taking the FE or PE, good luck!
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    The exact time when the euphoria of getting your PE wears off

    So the exact length of time that the euphoria of passing your PE exam and getting your PE lasted exactly 4 weeks for me. That was how much time it took my bosses to figure out that they now can dump a ton of projects on me and tell me that I was in charge of these projects. If these projects...
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    Free Civil Construction Exam Materials in DE

    Hockessin, DE? Is that in Denmark?
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    Only 51 days until the April 2015 PE exam

    No pressure or anything.
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    What color will the pencil be?

    So what do we win?
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    PE and Money

    I work for a publicly owned utility which is highly unionized. There are no pay raises for getting you PE or other certifications or getting more education. They only give raises according to seniority and time with the company. So you have people that just have a high school degree with no...
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    PE and Money

    Mo money mo problems
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    Studying timeframe

    I had a newborn when I tried to study the first time around and didn't have enough time. I thought I could do it in 3 months but I failed the PE exam the first time I took it. I failed to realize how much time a newborn would take up since this was our first one and it took a month for my wife...
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    October 2014 PE Results Map

    Well, PA was an utter cluster.
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    Gifts for newly minted PEs

    What are some good gifts to give to newly minted PEs? Other than a pay raise.
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    Florida Results

    Woot! Just got my PE number! Now I'm legit!
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    Pay Raise?

    No pay raise, just an attaboy. Of course, I work in the public sector where you don't get raises on ability, qualifications or accomplishments, you get raises according to how long you have been there and what political people you know. But the PE will give me mobility and options.