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    Address in License Lookup

    Its the 50% portion that's not joking which is concerning
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    Listing Engagement Summary and Reference when not including a letter?

    You are required to document a minimum of 24 months of engineering work experience (in the discipline that you are applying for) gained under the supervision of an individual authorized to practice that engineering discipline in the location(s) where that experience was gained, provided you have...
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    PE with California license required for a

    I understand how that situation might occur. But even the offering to perform electrical engineering constitutes the actual practice, in California.
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    Address in License Lookup

    or more likely, so they know how to get ahold of you. But, if you wish to think in that manner, feel free to.
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    Everything you wanted to know about the CA-Survey/Seismic Civil PE Exams

    Yes, reach out to the California Board to let them know this. Computer issues happen from time to time (as it does in any office/home setting), but they do monitor this and want to know so that it is resolved in a satisfactory manner. BOEXAM@dca.ca.gov is an excellent email address to send...
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    Address in License Lookup

    A licensee's address of record is required to be made available to the public pursuant to the laws that govern licensed engineers, surveyors, and geologists in California. Can't speak for the other licensing boards and nuances in those laws.
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    Help needed -PE License application -reference form for CA

    I got the following from Contact Information - Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists Since this is related to an application for license as a civil engineer, I would recommend that your reference email Ms. King (below) with the question(s). She'd be happy to help...
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    When retaking the exams do the same subject reapper (or don't)

    The content of the questions that appear each time is driven by the Test Plan specifications for each of the two California Civil exams. You can access those test plans here Examination Reference Materials - Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists Without getting too...
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    Ca application - Reference has no stamp

    Does he use an electronic stamp? That would suffice based on the regulations.
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    Application Progress?

    No, that is not an accurate assumption. If you read what the person said in the post above you, they said "...not approving apps sent in december, or mid december for Quarter 1" Sending in an application (new - not re-exam) 2-3 weeks before the end of a quarter simply does not provide...
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    Ca application - Reference has no stamp

    Could be for the reference. Depends on why the reference doesn't have a stamp. The California PE Act requires all licensees to have a seal (stamp). Tell the reference to add an explanation to their portion of the reference form and seal it in an envelope for you to return with your...
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    PE - Taking Exam Before Gaining Experience

    Yes, if what you say is accurate, that is crazy and not the thinking in MANY other state licensing boards. I can't speak for PA Board, but that may be a reflection of hardcore adherence to laws rather than a full understanding of board authority. Of course, there may be oversight agencies...
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    SE Exam: Does the eligibility authorized by the State expire?

    In California, generally speaking there are no limits to how many times you can sit for an exam. Specifically related to an applicant for SE license in California, once your SE application is approved, you can register for the 16 hr SE exam with NCEES and the California Board will approve your...
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    Engagement Form

    1) Not a problem. 2) Overlapped time will be caught during review and only counted once. 3) Did you provide an explanation for the gaps (like you did here) in the Remarks section on third page of application form under the summary listing? If not, its not a deal breaker. Worst case, you'll be...
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    Application Progress?

    Send me a PM with your name and contact email. I'll check on it for you