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    Average Age to take FE/PE/SE

    FE - 20 First PE - 27 (licensed in Minnesota) Second PE - 42 (licensed in California)
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    Everything you wanted to know about the CA-Survey/Seismic Civil PE Exams

    If you work for a company, see if they will snag a set for you. The issue is that many of the test versions have questions that you need one of the code books for (not many questions, but who wants to throw away free points for simple lookups). When i took my test, i used Hiner's review course...
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    License Expiration Date

    California has a biannual renewal set up in 4 chunks (one per quarter). Once you get your license, its good until the next renewal, at which point you will go to an every other year renewal. its not hard to renew, and my guess is they do it this way to spread all the renewals out (there are a...
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    MyNCEES Record - question regarding disciplines in which you are currently practicing

    Those categories are really just a list of the different categories that states list their PEs under. if you consider yourself structural design and you are applying for Civil PE, then Civil/Structural is the right call.
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    Switching Exam Depths

    Its always been my understanding that most (if not all) states just require you to pass the PE exam, they dont have any emphasis specific requirements for a normal PE. if your state is that way, you can take a little time to look at practice exams to decide which type of test you are most...
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    Looking for "game day" ideas and advice for Civil PE...

    So my primary reference was this massive blue book by Professional Publications, Inc (PPI) called "Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam", along with a practice problems book and a test book. I also took the books I used in college (yeah i am one of those putzes that kept all their...
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    Looking for "game day" ideas and advice for Civil PE...

    Two biggest pieces of advice i received prior to the exam that helped a ton: tab, Tab, TAB - i went through and used small post it notes to tab anything i thought might be on the exam, along with a 1-2word descriptor on the tab. Then when i took the practice exams, anything i had to look up...
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    Passed the January 2020 Seismic and Surveying, Received results in Feb, 13, When my license will show up online

    I took my exam early Nov 2019, got the results early Dec 2019, and then got licensed Dec 20, 2019. understand this was pre-COVID, but they used to run licenses every 2 weeks, so how long it will take depends on when the last time they ran it was, but they were pretty quick. I found the easy...
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    CA Seismic Practice Exams - Difficulty

    i used Hiner's course, all videos, tests, etc, and passed.  that being said, the real test was a lot harder then the practice tests.  Hiner's practice problems were key for me, but there were several problems on the test that i just couldnt work out at all (educated guess time)
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    November 2019 Test Results

    new numbers post after close of business.  a few months back one engineer said his showed up at 7pm edited:  my number just posted (its 7pm PST)
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    CA Seismic Q1 2020 Authorization

    you should be approved for Q1.  there is enough time between now and the end of this quarter for them to receive the form.
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    November 2019 Test Results

    in 2017 and 2018, they ran new numbers twice in December (the format for testing changed before then so i didnt bother checking older licenses).  They have not released any new licenses this month in Civil, so we should hear either this friday, or next friday (in theory).
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    Everything you wanted to know about the CA-Survey/Seismic Civil PE Exams

    what i did, and it helped a ton, was i went through all of Hiner's long form problems, tabbed each problem, and wrote one each tab what type of problem it was (diaphragm, shear wall, etc).  i used Hiner's cheatsheet the most during the exam, but there were several problems that i just found the...
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    November 2019 Test Results

    I dont think you can go wrong with either Hiner or EET, but whichever a person selects, they need to do the entire package.  this is one set of tests i am glad i never have to take twice, but it took me weeks to prep for the exams (pe-15yrs ago, seismic and survey this year)
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    Advice needed for the Seismic Exam in 2020

    a big no to the PPI.  i was annoyed enough with the typos and lack of responsiveness to my emails that i went out and got Hiner's course even after paying for PPI.  Note that the codes are changing for 2020 (New CBC).  I took the October 2019 seismic test and it was tough.