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    Passed FPE - My path

    I see almost no help in the FPE section. I took the exam in Oct 2019 and passed. I used the meyerfire problem book and the school of PE book and work all the problem about 5 times over. To the point where they were boring.  The test still had a bunch I had to look up but being familiar with the...
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    FPE Test Prep Info

    I am looking to take the FPE in October and am having trouble finding info/ study guides. Does anyone have anything to share? I already have a P.E. in ME HVAC so I am familiar with the tests.
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    PE HVAC Study Materials pdf format

    Thirds on the engproguides. Buy it, have it printed. GREAT start to your notes. I ended up putting everything in there and used it almost entirely on the exam.
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    Things that are worse than failing the PE...

    Not being able to clear your browser history after you die. (I failed twice) Don't sweat it. Change your study habits, work more problems, or like me change sections and try something new.
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    October 2017 PE Results Survey

    Passed HVAC first try (after two attempts at MDM) The study guide was a HUGE help.  Filled out the survey. Thanks!
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    Pass HVAC here as well. Good job everyone!
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    Anyone here planning to take PE machine design in April 2018

    I failed the MDM with a 49/80 back in April. Keep going! I had to change to HVAC to finally pass.
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    Fellow Engineers, who have passed the PE exam, can you suggest me what you did different to pass the exam?

    To add I practice in the consulting field and we do a little of everything. I do maybe 45% HVAC and some machine design and some fluid design.  I honestly have a little knowledge in all 3 subject fields.  Jack of all trades I guess ( A little about everything and a lot about nothing)
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    TFS- Failed again. 2nd time

    Sorry and the MERM as well.
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    TFS- Failed again. 2nd time

    I used Engineering Pro Guides study guide (BUY THIS and add to it) ASHRAE books ( the main 4) NCEES and SMS tests HVAC equations, data, and rules of thumb Unit conversions I work in consulting and do a bunch of everything.  Some HVAC and some design. The HVAC test for me was much simpler. ...
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    Worse Score This Time by 10%

    Took me 3 times.  Don't lose hope.
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    Congratulations to all those that passed.

    This was my 3rd PE attempt and 1st attempt at the HVAC test. Previously failed the MDM twice. Passed the HVAC this time thank goodness. If you didn't pass, don't give up.
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    Fellow Engineers, who have passed the PE exam, can you suggest me what you did different to pass the exam?

    I failed the MDM test twice getting a 49 out of 80 as the highest. I just passed the HVAC test and found it MUCH easier. Even if you don't do HVAC it may be easier for you to learn than the MDM. I would order the HVAC test and the TFS test and work a few problems.
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    Passed HVAC. Thanks to everyone here.
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    TFS- Failed again. 2nd time

    Failed MDM twice. Just passed HVAC first time!