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Sealing documents - signature pad recommendations?

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Does anyone use one of these pads to sign/seal stuff?  Any recommendations of one that would work well?  We've got stamps/seals in Autocad, but need something else for letters and such...I've got bluebeam stamps set up for myself but my boss is old school print-sign-scan...


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I have no experience using anything like that.  We are fully digital using DocuSign or Bluebeam. Even our old-school folks use digital.


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^^ Same here.

We have USB dongles (your digital certificate) along with Bluebeam stamps of the actual seals.

I would read what digitally sealing a document really means in whatever jurisdiction your boss is going to sign in.

Or better yet, make him read it.

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Posted (edited)

Hmm.  I'm pretty sure the firm I worked at for a year fresh out of school had all the PE's signing their documents with one of these, its just been a while so I don't remember for sure.  Might have to reach out...or maybe if we buy one and it doesn't work I can finally convince him to get bluebeam.

kevo we are familiar with our local statutes, thanks

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