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Reference Form for California PE

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Hello everyone,

I am submitting the application for California PE. I have a couple of questions on the reference form:

  • I am wondering if the part B (which is to be completed by the reference) of the reference form can be hand written by the reference.
  • Can the reference's address and phone be the office address and phone or is it required to have the personal address and phone?

Thank you, 

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I submitted mine with part B for references where they hand-filled and sealed in the envelopes. Their contact addresses/phones would be of their own choices (I never get to see it anyway). The sealed envelopes would be mailed along with the application. My references are the same as those listed in the NCEES record (for consistency) and they should be listed as 'verify' by NCEES. The CA board has access to it. If you attended graduate school, the transcript from graduate school is adequate (my case), undergraduate transcript is unnecessary; however, for NCEES, you need to submit both because they need to verify your educational background.  The board can access the NCEES account for your transcript(s) verification as well, but more is better so just send them. Transcript(s) can be submitted electronically (fastest way). My application is for electrical which I think is applicable to civil as well. If all is well, the board will send you e-mail to notify you that your application is complete (if you owe them something) and forward to technical review. 


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