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I just created the 2019PEPowerExam Yahoo Group

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I've just created a Yahoo group, 2019PEPowerExam, for the explicit purpose of sharing information, study sheets, notes, etc. It's hard enough to have to study for an exam of this magnitude so why not make it a little easier by sharing some of the information we've gathered along the way. I took the School of PE Power Exam course and found it woefully inadequate. A friend of mine took the GaTech PE Power course and found incredibly obsolete and antiquated - I saw the notes and it barely covered anything on the two largest sections: General Power(Measurement and Instrumentation, Applications, Codes & Standards) and Protection. 

So I suggest we make a study group to share what we know and what we have. Follow the links and join me...or not.

Yahoo Group: 2019PEPowerExam  

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