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Figured I would start this thread, and place information in it from last April.


April Results released (Florida) May 25.

License Number visible on the DBPR website: June 25th.

So, expect to wait about 30 days for the process to complete.


And again, congratulations to you all!

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Congratulations to everyone who passed the October 2018 PE exam!

So what's your next step in Florida?

You will need to go to myfloridalicense.com (which is run by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation) and create an account. For how to do that, check out steps 1-5 on the PE Licensure Renewal: Step-by-Step page on our website.

The Florida Board of Professional Engineers will shortly be providing the list PE exam passers to DBPR. They should have everyone added to their system at myfloridalicense.com after the first of the year. When that happens, you will be assigned a PE number and will need to link your license to your account. Go back to the PE Licensure Renewal instructions on our website and start at step 6, which explains how to do that.

As of November, FBPE is no longer mailing out PE licenses and wallet cards. Once you've linked your license to your account, you can follow the steps on our How Do I Print My License? page. PDFs of your PE license and wallet card will be generated and emailed to you, which you will then need to print.

Watch your mail later in January for your wall certificate and letter from FBPE.

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I called FBPE and they told me in mid-January the numbers should be up on the myfloridalicense site, they said to just keep checking.

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We just sent out an email blast to everyone who passed the October 2018 PE exam, and posted the following on our website:

Florida Professional Engineer license numbers have been issued for those who passed the October 2018 Principles & Practice of Engineering exam, and licenses, along with a wallet cards, can now be printed from an electronic file.

To do this, you will first need to locate your PE license number. Visit myfloridalicense.com, click the yellow “Verify a License” button and search for your name. Make note of the license number that appears by your name in the results.

Next, you must create an account at myfloridalicense.com, then link your license to that account. Refer to the appropriate steps on the PE License Renewal: Step-by-Step page on our website. (We strongly recommend that you use a personal email address when you create your account, so that you will have access to it should you change jobs. You will be able to add a business email address later to your license information. Also, keep the answer to your secret question simple and one word, then store it in a secure location.)

Once you have linked your PE license, you can request a PDF of your license and wallet card following the steps on our website. The PDF will be generated and emailed to you within 30 minutes.

In addition, a wall certificate will be mailed to new PEs within two to three weeks.

If you have any questions, please call the FBPE office at (850) 521-0500 for assistance.

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Congratulations everyone!


(36 days from the day of scores release. Given the end of year holidays, very consistent with the 30 days after the April exam.)

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