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Intro and Question from OH

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Good morning, all!

I started in the industry in late 2005 as an apprentice electrician in the industrial world.  I worked and learned up to the journeyman level (KY).  

Not long into my career, I realized I wanted to take on more responsibility and be the one creating the designs on which I was working.  To that end, I started evening and weekend classes at Miami University (OH) which escalated once my apprentice school was done.

I took on a CAD design position in 2009 and fell in love, often taking personal time to learn more about the designs I was assigned and improve my skills.  

True Engineering (if you want to call it that) started in 2011 when I began working in SKM and deeper engineering work took off from there.

I graduated first with an AS ECET then a BS EMET.

Situation and question for the group if anyone knows:  I qualify to take the PE in California (confirmed with the board) but don’t yet in OH.  If I read OH rules correctly, if I take and pass the PE before 8 years experience (BS in ‘15), I cannot get licensed there.  Does anyone know if that means ‘ever’ or ‘would need to retake the PE in 2023?’  Thanks for any insight.  The OH board has not yet answered me directly.

Looking forward to joining the discussions here!



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hello and welcome! 

could you link to where you're finding the wording about not being able to get a PE if testing before the 8 year mark? 


this link leads me to believe if you get the license in CA you will be able to apply for reciprocity once you meet the work experience requirements of Ohio. 

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