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General Education credits deficiency

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Hello all,

I am currently a PhD student in Environmental Engineering and I want to take the PE in Environmental. I have done both bachelors and masters studies in India and have recently got my credentials evaluated. But, there was 9 credits deficiency in the General Education section. And, in the evaluation report, it was given that they have only evaluated my bachelors degree. I have taken some credits for dissertation in my masters level, and I want to include then in general education credits. And, I cannot take anymore courses in my PhD as I am going to graduate soon.

Could anyone please kindly guide me if I can include thesis/dissertation credits in general education and also if I can take the FE exam without these required credits.

Thank you,



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I suggest you contact your state board. Because it is ultimately up to them to determine what they will and won't accept.

I was in a very similar situation. I have an undergrad mechanical engineering degree from a foreign school but MS and PhD from US schools. When I applied for the FE, the Illinois state board evaluated my undergrad and said I needed 12 hours of gen ed. The only thing they would accept was actual college courses. Fortunately, my employer paid for me to take them at a local community college. I had to take Western Civilization, Art Appreciation, Intro to Religion, and Macroeconomics. 

So yes, the Illinois board did not care about my MS and PhD - they only looked at undergrad. So I needed undergrad gen ed courses.

I wish I had better news.

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Thank you for the detailed response. I will contact the state board and will evaluate my situation.


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