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Fe test for a new arrived engineer

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Hi :

1- PLease i want to ask ? as a chemical engineer from Iraq ,bachlor degree ,and have eight years of experiance , i heard that i may need to do the fe test in my residential state (Connecticut ) ? do i need to do the FE test there ? or i can start working as an engineer after my ceritificate had been evaluated ?

2- When my degree evaluated the american degree evaluation orginization (private orginization ) , evaluated my GPA = 2.6 does that effect my career to find a job in America ? especailly i was reading that some companies are asking for engineers with GPA=3 ?

3- can i ask a third question please ? i went to U-CONN and this is the only university in my states with a good credit ,and asked how i can change my GPA =2.6 up to 3 and above ? i did not find an answer ? can i ask how i can raise it up if that is a possable option .

4- please what is the specific books that you advice to prepair my self to the FE Test if i need to do it ? to find a job in the states ?

5- my last question ? what is the best books that i can refresh my knowladge in the chemical engineering field ,again i graduated 1993 ,and i dont know what is the level of education america reached in these years in that field ? this subject makes me frustrated and hestitates a lot to start applying for a job as a chemical engineer in america .

Please forgive me if i have alot of questions ,i am lost and blind and ask your patience with me and your help .

I am thankful alot to your support

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I'll send a PM to you

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