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  2. Ca seismic and survey notification

    I am following all your posts from engineerboars.com. You mentioned that after Sep 18 is the last day to register for the CA Fall exams, so you mean if I don't get the approval email from BPELSG, since Sep 18 is over I cannot be able to take the Fall exams? I have been stressing over not getting replies and in the end i still can't take the exam. I saw some of them on the same boat got approval. I feel so frustrated.
  3. Ca seismic and survey notification

    I submitted my application before July 5th 2017 with one time exemption too. I tried to reach CA Boards of Engineer a few time regarding my application status via phone and email. The latest email about 3 days ago saying that my application is still under technical review. I emailed again about whether I will be able to register for fall exams 2017 or not and they haven't replied yet. I tried to call them and it reached to the voicemail and nobody called me back. I am desperate to know the status too. I spent too many hours and money for the exams. Sent from my iPhone
  4. Structural Spans

    1) Can anyone clarify the spans for the following systems? Concrete T beam One Way Slab Pan Joist These are confusing me. And would they all be used for heavy loads? 2) What would be the best system for 20' span in commercial building? A) Steel Decking and Concrete --> I believe these can go upto 15' but can span farther if deeper B) Glulam --> 25'-65' C) Wood Joist --> 25' D) Wood I joist --> 45' E) Waffle Slab --> 40' Are my above spans correct? If so, I'd say the answer Is A.
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  6. Fav Movie Scenes

    I have a hard enough time remembering what movies I've seen are about for me to pick a favorite scene from one.
  7. Forum Banning Game

    Banned for expressing emotion over grammar.
  8. NFL 2017

    I was out as well, so didn't try it on Amazon Prime. Maybe I will next week, though? I did happen to catch the fourth quarter last night! Wow, I was not expecting that high scoring of a game.
  9. Random Thoughts Version 2.0

    You should just put a random circle out next to "no," then don't fill out the rest of the questionnaire.
  10. NFL 2017

    the bandana is a nice touch.. Did anyone get TNF to work on Amazon Prime? I was out drinking and didn't try it..
  11. Cool little thread trick for 3D printed parts

    I must admit that the issue of being able to create good threads in a printed proto. part has come up for me quite often. This is a cool way to incorporate them. Enjoy. http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-Seamless-Captive-Nut-in-a-3D-Printed-Part/
  12. NFL 2017

  13. Forum Banning Game

    Banned because that comment makes me love you.
  14. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    @Master slacker would be proud...
  15. Critical insulation thickness

    When do you plan to take the PE exam?
  16. funny pic thread

    Shouldn't the model for that shirt be a bit more rotund?
  17. Ok... So I think I understand. (%accuracy of Rext) = ((%accuracy total) - (%accuracy of Rcoil)) 1.5% = (2.5%-1%) Thanks for anyone who looks at this!
  18. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    PB and Huckleberry Jelly.
  19. Gentlemen, This is my first time posting on forums and first time on EngineeringBoards. I'm studying for the Power PE Exam now. Take it in Oct. Ran across this problem in Camara PPI Practice Exam Book. The question is about a d'Arsonval meter. I did not know how to do the problem. I figured the answer was 9750 ohm. When looking at the solution it states that "an additional 1.5% error can occur in the external resistance". Where does this comment come from? Best regards, bripgilb
  20. Transportation Office Hours - Videos

    Hello everyone, below you will see the recordings of our free office hours for the Civil AM. There are still a few session left in the schedule. Join Dr. Mansour and get real time help. Let us help you become a Professional Engineer as soon as possible. Dr. Mansours Free Office Hours. There is no cost to you and you can attend any session. To enroll go to: www.joinwebinar.com and then enter ID: 635-147-867 (one ID for ALL free office hours). Should you have any questions please email us at names@passpe.com or info@passpe.com Dates for Office Hours 1- Civil AM: Monday’s from 6:30-9:30 PM-PT): 10/2/2017. 2- Transportation PM: Monday’s from 6:30-9:30 PM-PT: 9/25 & 10/9/2017. 3- Construction PM: Wednesday’s from 6:30-9:30 PM-PT: 10/4/2017. 4- Seismic : Wednesday’s from 6:30-7:30 PM-PT: 9/27/2017. 5- Surveying: Wednesday’s from 7:35-8:35 PM-PT: 9/27/2017. 6- Seismic & Surveying: 6:00-7:30 (Sei.), 7:35-9:00 (Surv.) PM-PT:10/14, 21, 28, 11/4/17. July 24th, 2017 http://cdn.audiovideoweb.com/lnks/play/8c3fls5521/Office Hours/2017-07-24 18.32 Dr. Mansour FREE Office Hours -Fall 2017-1.mp4 August 7th, 2017 http://cdn.audiovideoweb.com/lnks/play/8c3fls5521/Office Hours/2017-08-07 18.42 Dr. Mansour Free Office Hours -fall 2017-1.mp4 August 27th, 2017 http://cdn.audiovideoweb.com/lnks/play/8c3fls5521/Office Hours/2017-08-27 18.07 Dr. Mansour Free Office Hours -fall 2017-1.mp4
  21. funny pic thread

  22. Critical insulation thickness

    But again, original radius, insulation thickness, conductivity, and convective coefficient are a must to be able to tell for sure.
  23. Critical insulation thickness

    Those values are probably in Btu/hr-ft-F and Btu?hr-ft^2-F respectively, so the critical radius will be in feet. But your final conclusion stays absolutely correct. Saad, Just take a look at the critical radius formulas for both cylinders (r = k/h) and spheres (r = 2k/h) and you'll notice that with typical values of insulation conductivity (<0.1 Btu/hr-ft-F) the critical radius is always very small, so any added insulation will almost always decrease the rate of heat transfer.
  24. Critical insulation thickness

    Well, I wouldn't call a 4in diameter sphere a "tank" :o) I also notice you are not writing units next to some numbers. Not keeping track of units is probably the biggest hindrance to success in the PE exam. Please start doing this consistently. So I'm ASSUMING these numbers have consistent units and we can calculate the sphere's critical radius as r = 2k/h = 0.0106 (IM GOING TO ASSUME THIS IS INCHES) Never work like this either studying for, or taking the test. We have no idea what units this "radius" is in. If the insulation is currently 2 inches thick on a sphere of radius 2 inches, means the current radius is 4 inches. This is way larger than the critical radius; therefore any addition of insulation will decrease the heat transfer rate.
  25. Critical insulation thickness

    Let us assume the thermal conduction of insulation is 0.016, convective coefficient is 3 thinkness of insulation layer is 2 in , the diameter of tanks is 4 in
  26. Random Thoughts Version 2.0

    Always love the first question on the OSHA medical questionnaire...Can you read (circle one): Yes / No
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