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  2. Excellent post. Pretty much everything you need right here. My approach was very similar (minus Dr. Tom)
  3. Shear_Force

    April 2018 SE Exam Results

    Add another one to the failure statistics for Lateral Buildings: 24/40; A, IR, IR, A I guess they failed me because of the morning, but in my opinion this is a good score given the difficulty and time constraints of this exam. What is NCEES' definition of minimum competency? Have they ever defined it? Given the high failure rates, are we to believe that such a high number of engineers currently working in the field do not even meet minimum competency? It just seems crazy to me.
  4. Kalika PE

    Horse is to stable

  5. Kalika PE

    PE POWER - Reference Materials For Sale

    Another update.
  6. Shear_Force

    Exam Code Changes

    April 2018 was the first exam to use IBC 2015 references. If we assume NCEES will follow the same pattern, we should expect them to to switch to IBC 2018 references in April 2021.
  7. Kalika PE


    I have taken the exam multiple times - 4 times to be exact. The third attempt did not count and NCEES cancelled it because my exam book had printing issues so it was not counted against me. This was a definite low period for me because I studied for 4 months and sat 8 hours for the exam for it be tossed. Failing multiple times does make you question whether or not you have the will to continue. Deferring my next attempt did cross my mind but my concern was forgetting concepts. However, I did pass on my 4th attempt this past April and I am relieved because it was the most difficult compared to the last 3 exams. So I would recommend to sit for the next exam. Why stop the momentum when you see your scores improving with each attempt? Don't be discouraged. Good luck!! Out of curiosity, based on your 67% how many problems did you answer incorrectly?
  8. Lady Engineer

    Central California SE exam Study Group

    Looking for other fellow Central California engineers who are candidates for the SE exam. Preferably, registered to sit for the October 2018 NCEES 16 hour SE exam. Goal: meet monthly/bi-weekly for problem solving workshops and Design Code discussion/interpretation. Able to meet in Sacramento, Modesto, Fresno, etc. - anywhere in the Central Valley of California.
  9. ZVFL-PE 145

    Florida License Numbers

    The FBPE posted the following information about a phishing scam, just to give other Floridians a heads up: Professional Engineers licensed in Florida may have received an email earlier today with the subject line "INFORMATION FOR LICENSEE" that was supposedly sent from the Florida Board of Professional Engineers. The email was not sent by FBPE, but was likely an attempt to get your personal information. We recommended that you delete the email and the attached PDF immediately. We are looking into the source of the email. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.
  10. deviationz

    April 2018 SE Exam Results

    Used quite a few different materials. Alan Willams - Seismic and Wind Design examples Seismic Design Manual Volume 1 AISC Seismic Design Manual Seismic Design of building structures (PPI) Seismic Design solved problems - Baradar Wood design Breyer for wood diaphragms and shear walls Masonry Design book - Brandow and Hart. Very good book for cheap from the Masonry association of Calif and Nevada. Used the Amrhein book as well for specific checks. Purchased the code master series from SK Ghosh associates. Didn't find it very useful except for the masonry portions.
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  12. Dexman PE PMP

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

  13. RBHeadge PE

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

  14. RBHeadge PE

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

  15. new_at_this

    California PE Lic. Numbers??

    I am working on putting together my PE application package to be submitted to CA board. CA has a two page engagement form. From the people who went through the exercise, can anyone share their experience how they wrote their qualifying experience? Looking forward to your help.
  16. Hello, I am working on putting together my PE application package to be submitted to CA board. CA has a two page engagement form. From the people who went through the exercise, can anyone share their experience how they wrote their qualifying experience? Looking forward to your help.
  17. Guest

    New Jersey License Numbers Out

    Mine is active! Took 8 days from mailing to activation.
  18. squaretaper

    Machine Design & Materials Oct 2018

    I do not recommend the NSPE/MGI/Cognistar review course. All you get are a couple binders with so-so notes, you work on practice problems and exams, then you send them in for grading. You're better off with the "new generation" of test prep (DTC, EngProGuides, Slay, etc.).
  19. NY-Computer-Engineer

    California PE Lic. Numbers??

    I meant to ask Ayan, are you affiliated with the PE board in your State?
  20. NY-Computer-Engineer

    California PE Lic. Numbers??

    Thanks Ayan, It looks like they are starting to assign the numbers beginning last Friday - but somewhat of a 'trickle.' I found that I was able to write a script that sequentially searched through the Web tool used for New York's license verification, and it shows the most recently assigned numbers and the dates that they the licenses (being a computer security person, I'm surprised they made it so easy to automate the lookup - no Web security image or bot avoidance identification). So far I've only seen 87 licenses issued since the May 24th pass/fail announcement date - With the bulk of the numbers assigned last Friday, Saturday, and yesterday (none today). Based on the estimates I've heard, on how many individuals took the test on 4/13/2018, along with the average passing percentages, I believe they have another 1200 to 1500 licenses to go. I hope they start picking up the pace soon. One anomaly I noticed however, is that the first license issued after the scores announcement (the next day 'in fact'), happened to have the same last name as our Governor. Strange coincidence, huh. I really do appreciate everyone here being so supportive. If you are ever in New York and in need of a tour guide, just let me know a couple of days ahead of the trip. David (the frustrated NY-Computer-Engineer)
  21. Dleg

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

    128 year old woman - says she has never lived a happy day in her 128 years So I guess we have that to look forward to!
  22. SacMe24

    Machine Design & Materials Oct 2018

    I highly recommend the DTC course but you're going to have to supplement it with other sources. Read my recent post, it's long but I hope it saves you the headache of having to take the exam more than once like I did. Good luck to you !
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