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Is it an unconventional heavy wall anchorage to flexible diaphragm retrofit maybe?

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1 hour ago, kevo_55 said:

How can this be a diaphragm anchorage? They are just loose chains.

My guess is that they were just using them to hang stuff.

I wasn't saying it would be legit, if it was attempting to do this - but if it was a hack job and they were counting on the deck to support in compression and the chain to magically hold it from falling outward and somehow not fail the joist in weak axis bending. just thinking out loud. seems weird they would skip a joist and anchor to the wall for hanging stuff, but i guess that would depend on what they were hanging. the plates/anchors in the wall look like ties for veneer support to me

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It's a bad idea...  Looks like they wanted to tie the top of the wall back into the diaphragm - but it only works in one direction... 

Or, they wanted to pull vert load off the 1st joist and push it into the wall and 2nd joist, weird...

If there was just one or two, I'd assume this was a quick lifting job, that was also not a good idea.

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