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Sold PE Seismic and Surveying books for sale

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Nov 26, 2023
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Hello everyone

I recently passed both seismic and surveying exams using the following books! They are on sale for $125 total + shipping. If you are interested in buying separately, please message me for individual prices.

Seismic books:
1.Seismic Design Review Workbook by Steven T. Hiner, 5th printing. (There are some notes in this book)
2. Practice Exam for the California Seismic Principles Civil P.E. Examination by Ahmed M. M. Ibrahim, 4th edition. (almost new condition, no notes inside)

Surveying books:
1. Civil PE Surveying Review Reference Manual by Kirk Torossian, edition 6.4. (There are some notes in this book)
2. Civil Surveying Review Workshop workbook, Practice Problems, Quizzes and exam. (almost new condition, no notes inside)

How much for the "Practice Exam for the California Seismic by Ahmed M. M. Ibrahim"?
I am located in Sacramento, so I can do local pick-up.