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Mar 12, 2021
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civil pe breadth am course

On-Demand FE Civil Course

• A comprehensive prep course totaling 90 hours of live instructions including the workshops.
• The course covers the NCEES 14 Chapters of Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Civil Exam Specifications per the new NCEES Handbook 10.3
• The prep course will be taught by Dr. Shahin Mansour, PE.
• Homework will be assigned for each chapter and it should be submitted back to the instructor with the solutions.
• Several live workshops with in depth discussion of FE civil problems and solutions.
• Mini CBT exams will be assigned for each chapter. Each participant should submit the solutions for all mini exams.
• All lectures will be recorded and will be available on online as on-demand 24/7 for 365 days (6 month). Unlimited access to ALL online recordings.
• Dr. Mansour’s class notes and any additional problems or handouts will be scanned and emailed to all participants.
• The course is designed to be fully interactive with the all on site or all on-line participants.
• A full length simulation FE Civil CBT exam per NCEES Format including the AIT questions will be given on the last day of the course. A 110 exam like questions exam will be included.
• Free repeat within one year from the registration date.
• Access to ask the instructor.
  • $765 for the course and 3 books

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