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    Repeat Takers Strategies - Civil PE CBT

    I've been reading on other forums that a lot of practice exams are more difficult than the actual exam. If speed is your issue, then on your first pass through of the questions only answer ones you know you can do quickly. On the second pass through, you can answer the questions that require...
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    Repeat Takers Strategies - Civil PE CBT

    My approach going into the exam will be if I can't figure out how to start the question and get it going within a minute then I will flag and move on. Sometimes you run into the solution for a question you flagged earlier without even looking for it and you can save yourself a lot of time. From...
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    Structural Breadth Portion

    Structural breadth is the one section I'm worried about for myself. I studied concepts and watched a lot of Youtube videos covering those same concepts. Then I'm planning on doing a lot of practice problems.
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    CBT PE exam result

    Good luck!
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    CBT TESTING - 2022

    It does. I think using the Search function first before looking through the bookmarks is a more efficient way of finding the reference material you need for a problem.
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    Passed Civil PE - Transportation CBT - 2nd Attempt - Here's my Advice

    I've started studying in January and my exam isn't until May 2022 and I'm still very nervous about whether or not I'll be prepared.
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    CBT TESTING - 2022

    The NCEES reference manual that will be available to us online won't be tabbed so I don't understand why spending the time tabbing the manual will help you in the exam. In my opinion, I think it's more beneficial to use the search function to understand what sections get pulled up when you use...
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    Repeat Takers Strategies - Civil PE CBT

    The handbook and design standards will be available the entire exam. Per NCEES, the design standards are not needed for the breadth portion of the exam.
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    Repeat Takers Strategies - Civil PE CBT

    I'll be taking my first attempt at the exam in May 2022 (CBT). I've filled out my information out in the survey and I hope it's okay for me to take part in the study group. Look forward to meeting everyone on Sunday.