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    Please give career advice for an engineer in my circumstances.

    Hey guys, if this is the wrong forum please direct me somewhere else. I am a substation engineer, 15 years experience, I got my MSEE/PE/PMP. I live near a city and make around $115,000 a year. I do enjoy my job, but I can tell they are pushing me into directions I don't want (management...
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    Study Advice for PE Power exam

    I would post your diagnostic here, if you don't feel comfortable, send me PM. My honest opinion the key to passing this test is 3 major things: 1) Being EXPOSED to everything. You don't want to get to the test and be like "Wait a minute, I never even HEARD of peak-voltage...". The best way in...
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    This is like damn Christmas morning for me. I am BEYOND happy and proud of you brother. You really proved through hard work AND NEVER GIVING UP what a true engineer can do. I am so excited for you to enjoy this WELL EARNED AND DESERVED time celebrating with your family! <3 <3 <3
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    Anyone get results yet today?

    Got a good buddy waiting on his, don't know if it will be this week or next week, just curious if results have came out today.
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    Best references for studying the NEC as a single unit?

    This is EXACTLY why I made this post. I never knew this existed!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
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    Best references for studying the NEC as a single unit?

    Hey guys, I am going to take my "Master Electrician State License" and the main book is of course the NEC. I know the NEC well from the PE but I do need to learn it at even a deeper level. I have the CI 300 NEC problems book, does anyone else have any references you would recommend?
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    Wow, now that is a true drained mind lol! When is your next exam scheduled date? You got this bro. Just remember studying is NEVER a waste of time it just makes us better engineers!!
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    Guys it is Monday morning and I'm FEELING GOOD AND LOOKING GOOD! I want every person that reads this to enjoy their PE, or get HYPED UP AND GO STUDY NOW!!! Had a couple of conversations this morning and nothing feels better than starting with "As a Professional Engineer........" I noticed after...
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    CBT vs P&P Pass Rates

    This isn't apples-to-apples at all. I know I studied for 14 months (and took 1 month off each time test was canceled) for a total of 12 months. I logged over 500 hours studied and worked over 2,500 problems. I'm sure the first CBT takers studied MUCH MORE than the people who were allowed to take...
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    How long should I give myself to prepare for the new CBT PE Power Exam?

    If you're not working, you could take it in around 3 months easily. Like you said, what else do you have to do? It would be quite silly to not get this behind you right now as this is the easiest as life is going to get for you. If you decide to blow it off you might try it later while working...
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    Just Passed PMP

    Dang good feedback, thank you. That was how I figured I would approach it. That prep-cast place people said has a simulator. I'll probably just hammer out problems after problems. I do have a question, people said you get zero references, which is fine, but I found an article that says "100...
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    Just Passed PMP

    Great advice. Big difference in what WE think and to play the game of what they want you to say LOL
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    Just Passed PMP

    Are you a PE by chance? I was going to ask about preparation compared to PE as well to get some feedback
  14. Sparky Bill PE

    Just Passed PMP

    PE here too, can someone please let me know your best guess of how much study time you put into the PMP? Also, I know it shows you your score at the end of the exam when you pass, if you're comfortable will you post your grade too? Sorry I'm the typical engineer not taking this too seriously...