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    GeoTech Depth Pilings

    Any place to find good problems to learn the alpha/beta method usin the current CBT Piling V1
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    Geotech Depth

    Can anyone give good or bad review on EET, Civil Engineering Acamedy or Advanced Engineering Insitute AEI?
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    Practice Problems Geotech PE

    I'm curious if anyone has some good websites to get practice problems from. I've bought several books and can do 80% easily in them. But I'm noticing that they carry the same problem word for word, and number for number are the same from exam to exam when though their different authors. I did...
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    PE Civil CBT Geotech (Passed Second Try) - Tips, Schedule and Life for the Last 4 Months

    Congrats on passing. Any chance you can send me the google doc concepts page you created. If so my email is [email protected]
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    Autocad template

    Hope this is in the right group? Working at a Survey and civil engineering company I created a template where it auto generates an icon to a point code when you bring them into the drawing. How many other companies set each point one at a time. I've worked at three (including this one) where...
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    PE Civil Geotech (CBT)

    their horrible at referencing the books, did for the morning some but afternoon its a joke. spend 1+ on one problem with no sample questions after it. Told to try different numbers cause well know the answer.
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    PE Civil Geotech (CBT)

    Knelson I'm in the SOPE class for Geo the morning was fine and 1 day in the afternoon I'm not impressed. what are your thoughts on PPI?
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    Structural Breadth Portion

    Anyone have advice for taking the structural breadth, either with using ctrl find as a function or how to study for it. Just finished SOPE's structural class and 90% of what was covered isn't in the book.
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    I have take. The CBT civil exam today 😅😅😅

    Currently in SOPE, and just finished Structural lecture. Feel like it was "good luck and Pray" cause no equations are in the book. any advice for these questions.
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    Geo Depth CBT

    Looking through the additional references provided any thoughts on how to locate understand them. I've downloaded them and started scanning them, they mostly seem to have shrunk them down and covered them in the CBT were provided. Anyone here take the CBT Geo Depth and have advice or those who...
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    For Sale: Civil PE (Geotech Depth) References and Practice Exams

    Wilcox What was your go to book or books for understanding and preparing for the concept questions? The practice tests are out and I have two books by Das but reading them I didn't feel like it prepared me, and maybe didn't retain the information 4 months later. Any tips on things I should focus...
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    Repeat Takers Strategies - Civil PE CBT

    Working with basic Geo concepts at work I'm curious what's the best reference material for understanding the concept questions in the PM section. Took School of PE which did great with the morning. The afternoon was 70% conceptual. A couple problems were like which method would you use, and I...
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    Civil GEO

    I'm looking at those as well if you find any good ones let me know.
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    Geo Depth Concept Questions

    Did Horrible with understanding concept questions to Geotech Questions on the Exam of OCT 2021. Any useful books/practice tests/ websites that would help with this.
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    Civil GEO

    Looking to take the Civil GEO Exam! only have basic understanding of this, with zero experience in retaining wall, seepage. and earthquakes. Is their any good website to do plently of study problems on these or give you a simplified version thats easy to understand. Mainly thinking websites...