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    Random Topics 3.1

    Damn engineers. Always have to put formulas to things. Actually.... You forgot about leap year. The correct formula would be (365x3 + 366) / (65x4).
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    Football 2021 (NFL / NCAA)

    Skol Vikes!
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    Random Topics 3.1

    You should look at the Eotech HHS, they have a green dot option. Mine's red, and the flip up magnification is nice.
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    Count to 100,000 using only pics

    To get this back on track.
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    The back 9

    Playoff round one is in the books. Match play on 9 holes, we took it by 1. My partner shot a 35 and I had 38, with some generous gimmies. Still my best round to date. Now we're locked in on a battle for 1st and 2nd this Thursday, $400 and $300 respectively. Feels pretty good.
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    Count to 100,000 using only pics

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    I Got 999 First World Problems

    Chips and dip are manufactured poorly. The dip is always in a jar too tight to fit your hand in when it gets low, which coincidently is right around the same time you reach in the bag and hit the smaller diameter chip layers. An exercise in futility. If there are any engineers on here who work...
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    The back 9

    Me and my partner made it into our business league playoffs again this year. I've been playing better than ever, got my first ever eagle on a chip in from 15ft on a par 5 a few weeks ago, and I've made more birds this year than ever too. Tis the sport tho... golf giveth and then it kicks you in...
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    It's Friday!!!!

    This week was chayy, oss. Warrants some "Bum Bum, Bubba Gump... BAHWL Bum Bum Bump, Bubba Gump"... and some 22's of hipster juice. Edit: @0:54
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    3D Printers

    Here's what I mean about the supporting structure. This is the model of the tap handle I posted a few months ago. I used AutoCAD 360 to build the assembly: Then brought individual parts of the assembly into Formlabs' interface software, which optimizes the orientation and layering for...
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    3D Printers

    Well my process involves a couple of dunks in a bath of denatured alcohol, then a wash cycle in the same. The wash machine spins a gentle vortex for around 10 min. Then it sits for a bit and goes into the cure machine. I haven't really noticed a problem with cloudiness but it is definitely a...
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    3D Printers

    The UV light curing process is what gives resins their finished material properties (ie. strength, hardness, toughness, modulus of elasticity... etc.). In my case, the Formlabs line of Engineering resins all vary in these properties (some even having flexible and high temp ratings) which are...
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    HVAC Engineers - Static Pressure Calculation Q&A

    I'm wondering what other engineers in the HVAC industry are using for static pressure calculations. Feel free to reply if you use spreadsheets, any software or other programs. My mechanical group is currently trying to develop a more streamlined approach using Revit, but it seems to have...
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    The Pet Thread

    Here's more Jua goof ball & her bro. Edit: Jua's staring at a bird in all of these pictures.