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    2019 Novel Coronavirus

    Of people I know some are worried about the side effects (eyeroll since they aren't worried about the worse effects of the virus), can't be bothered or they are suffering some form of delusion that the vaccine is evil/gives them cancer/turn them into a liberal. It reminds me of this quote from...
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    Fellow Mechanical PE's That Took Machine Design & Materials, What Is Your Occupational Industry

    I work as a senior engineer in product development for a medical robotics company. I did the MDM as a personal goal, in fact, my employer told me it was a waste of time lol. I do see very few job postings requiring a PE, but VERY few are MDM related.
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    Best place to do Continued Education PDHs (ME, Florida)?

    Hello my fellow PEs, Anyone know the best/cost-effective place to get PDHs as an ME in Florida? Thanks my dudes!
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    older Mech PE exam vs MDM CBT exam

    Hey man, I took the CBT in May 2020. Its basically all the MDM stuff and no thermo/HVAC. However, if you want to pass the first time, the easy way to do it is buy the PPI2Pass Learning Hub 3 months thing. Pass the Machine Design & Materials PE Mechanical Exam | PPI Its the cheapest option...
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    For sale on ebay: PE Exam - Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual, 14th Edition, CBT Ready

    In May I passed the ME PE MDM using this latest edition of the MERM. I found the MERM to be very helpful to study. I bought it brand new straight from PPI2PASS. I almost never opened it because I used the digital version. The link below is my eBay listing. If you prefer to purchase some other...
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    COVID19 and CBT Tests thru PearsonVUE

    @ChooChooEngineer_PE Before I took the test I posted about the errors in the handbook v1.1 here: 
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    COVID19 and CBT Tests thru PearsonVUE

    @CoolEngr Yeah it is really nice. CBT results officially take 7-10 days to finalize. Mine was faster. They send you an email when the results are posted and you can check on your MyNCEES account. 
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    COVID19 and CBT Tests thru PearsonVUE

    @BuffaloWings I don't know, it never occurred to me to try any wildcards. The search works sort of like asterisk by default because you can search a partial word and it will find all occurrences of that partial string. When you search it will show you a list of all the string matches in context...
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    COVID19 and CBT Tests thru PearsonVUE

    NCEES just told me I passed. Whew, what a tremendous relief. Best of luck to everyone! @Abogos I don't have any personal experience with the PE pencil-and-paper exam, although my FE was paper back in the day. Its pretty much the same except that the searchable handbook is faster/easier than...
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    COVID19 and CBT Tests thru PearsonVUE

    Hey @BuffaloWings and @cjohnson thank you for the well wishes!  To answer your question regarding the reference manual, I felt that a vast majority of what you need to reference is in there. However, to finish in time you basically need to immediately know what section of the handbook you must...
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    COVID19 and CBT Tests thru PearsonVUE

    @BuffaloWings It's finally over! Woo! I am pretty confident I passed. The testing process was very smooth. Got to the Pearson VUE center at 6:50a, one of the two the proctor arrived around 7:10 and they started me going by 7:40. I found it be be slightly harder than the NCEES practice test and...
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    COVID19 and CBT Tests thru PearsonVUE

    @BuffaloWings Yeah I got that email from Pearson VUE last night also, it seems to clarify what happened. Luckily it seems that by immediately rescheduling after they did the temporary placeholder we are good to go. I'll let you know if May 2nd happens for me. 
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    COVID19 and CBT Tests thru PearsonVUE

    @BuffaloWings I checked my date through Pearson VUE and I noticed the exact same thing as you report. It was moved to June something and the location was 'Montana' of something weird. I noticed a lot of availability too at my original location so I moved mine to May 2nd now. I emailed NCEES...
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    COVID19 and CBT Tests thru PearsonVUE

    @BuffaloWings No, I have not gotten anything else about it. Only thing that changed was on MyNCEES it used to say May 13th, but now says 'NCEES is currently unable to display your exam appointment details. Select Manage Appointment to view your appointment in the Pearson VUE scheduling system.'...