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Bull Lily

Qualitative Material PE Environmental Exam

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Hey PEs, I am looking for suggestions from folks who have taken the CBT exam and passed on what materials they recommend to study for the qualitative questions on the CBT PE Environmental Exam. Thanks in advance! I am a month out and have used the following to study: 

  • PE Environmental Review - Michael Lindeburg
  • PE Environmental Practice - Schneiter
  • PE Environmental Practice Exams-Schneiter

I need to now turn my attention to qualitative questions. Any advice is appreciated. TIA! 

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I'd definitely recommend taking the NCEES practice test ASAP, if you haven't already. I thought it was pretty representative for the qualitative questions, and it gave me ideas on where to focus my studying. I ended up reading through my intro to environmental engineering textbook from college and watching some Khan Academy videos for some of the stuff that I felt weak on. I wouldn't get too stressed about trying to cover everything, though. There will be some gimmes, depending on your background, and you'll be able to make educated guesses on some of the ones that you don't know. In my opinion, you're better off focusing your energy on the quantitative stuff that's all but guaranteed to be on there.

Good luck!

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