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Cap banks in parallel

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complex imaginary test 1, number 57 says a three phase motor needs to have it’s pf improved by 2400 Kvar.  


If 160 kvar cap banks are available, how many of them would be needed per phase if the units are connected in parallel?


The solution says to divide the 800 kvar per phase by 160 kvar to get 5 units.  And it states that cap bank kvar is additive connected in parallel OR series.  


My my question is 1.  Can anyone confirm that they are additive regardless of parallel or in series?

2.  I suspect this is true only for cap banks and not the individual capacitors inside the bank?  It seems that capacitors would still be additive in parallel and 1/equivalent = 1/c1 + 1/c2 in series for the individual capacitors inside the cap bank?

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Hmm never mind.  I think I was confusing kvar with capacitance.  Seems like a silly question after I reread it.

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