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Easy way to heat a test cell to 60 deg C ?

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Hello engineering community!

I am doing a test for work and would appreciate your advice and ideas.

I have made a 4' x 4' x 2' plywood box to put an electro-mechanical equipment inside and test if it performs at 60 deg C. 

So now I have to heat my box.. Budget is low and industrial supplies are expensive, so I was hoping to do it with equipment found in hardware stores.. 

This test being a one-time thing, what would you think would be easy and cost-effective?


I have tried with a 1500W electrical baseboard plugged in 208V. This setup topped out at 50 deg C. Then I bypassed the switch in the baseboard and for some reason, it worked at first but failed within 2h and the baseboard does not heat anymore..


I was thinking a 1000W HPS bulb with the ballast inside the box? 

Any ideas? 

Considering that these temps are way above any household temps, it's hard to find heating equipment (no flame!) and thermostats for that range... 

Thank you for your help.



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