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Civil Engineering PE books - Construction/Trans

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All-in-one Civil Engineering PE Practice Exams by Indranil Goswami (2012) edition, bascially brand new, i never wrote in it. $30.00 shipped.

Civil Engineering License Reivew 14th edition by Donal G. Newnan. Book is from the late 90s, I bought it just for something else to read and review with. I never wrote in it, the previous owner did have pencil marks which were actually helpful for me. $18.00 shipped (I know i paid far more than that for it two years ago).

PPI Practice Problems for Civil Engineering PE Exam 11th edition by Michael Lindeburg. Basically brand new, looks new, only marks are in the Construction OSHA section. This book has over 700 practice problems. $45.00 shipped.

PPI Construction Depth Reference Manual by Thomas Korman. Just recently released, I bought it last Februrary when it came out. No marks that I can find, back cover corner has a fold on it from being in the box during the exam. $95.00 shipped (I paid over $130 and looking they are still over $120 new).

PPI Quick Reference for Civil Engineering PE Exam 5th edition by Michael Lindeburg. No marks in it, bascially brand new. $50.00 shiipped.

NCEES Civil Transportation Exam, had a few pencil marks in it that were erased. $30.00 shipped. I bought as I was thinking about taking trans, never did so here it is.

PPE Civil PE Sample Examination 2nd edition, has pencil marks in it from where I worked out problems. This was $80 new so i'm thinking $30 shipped due to pencil marks.

Civil PE Construction Module Practice Problems by Ruwan Rajapakse. I can't find any marks in it. $30.00 shipped.

Civil PE Construction Module 3rd eidtion by Ruwan Rajapakse. I can't find any marks in it. $30.00 shipped.

My email is, i'll try to check back too. I'm willing to take offers and package deals if people are interested. i think I spent over 2k in books, I just need to get rid of most of them now.

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