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Interested to participate in FE exam from Bangladesh

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Dear All

I am a Electrical Engineer graduate and I currently living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am now interested to participate in the FE exam of NCEES and hence I was going through their website. There i found about the study materials of EE

FE Electrical Sample Questions and Solutions Book

N I am now interested to purchase this one. My question is "Will this book provides the complete guidelines to all exams?" also can anyone inform me how will I get the book here in Bangladesh?

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thank you

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You will need to take the GENERAL breadth exam (morning, 120 questions, 4 hours) also. See www.ncees.org for specifications to that part of the exam. The afternoon exam can be either General or discipline specific - the book you mentioned does not cover the General topics, only the electrical afternoon. I am not sure if NCEES ships to addresses outside the U.S. You should pay attention to the actual syllabus for the two parts of the exam and study. A sample questions book does not give a comprehensive list of questions, only a good idea of what kind of difficulty/pace is to be expected on the exam.

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