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New Civil Eng referance manual for the PE for sale + more

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I passed the PE in April. I ended up have two referance manuals. One I bought for myself and the second when I was given another one when I took the PE Testmasters class. I also ended up with duplicates of the soft cover problem solving books as well. I highly recomend the testmaster class but it is not cheap.

The key to passing the exam is to do a lot of problems. I burned two weeks of vacation doing problems. I must have done over 600 problems studying for the exam. While there is no shame in taking the exam twice you don't want to have to do that. Studying for the exam will consume your life.

Anyway I have the duplicates of the Civil PE Exam material that I got from the class for sale. I never used them since I had already bought a set for myself.

1. Civil Engineering Referance Manual for the PE exam. 11th edition. - $180.00 - New

2. Practice problems for the Civl Engineering PE exam. 11th edition - $60 - - New

3. Civil PE Sample Examation Second Edition - $50.00 - New

4. Six Minues Solutions for Civil PE Exam Tansporation Problems 3rd edition - $50.00 New

5. Principles and Practice of Engineering Civl Sample questions and soluton. - $60.00 - Slighty used.

6. Quick Referance for the Civil Engineering PE Exam 5th edition. - $20.00 - Slightly used.

All prices would have to have shipping added to them.

If interested please email me at mackarizona@yahoo.com. Please be prepared to use paypal to pay for them.

Thanks for your time and I wish all of you good luck on the exam.

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