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Project Engineer (Marine Projects)

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Job Title = Project Engineer (Marine Projects)

Education Required = BSME or BSChE

Experience Required = 4+ years experience in the following:

Cost estimating for process equipment

Familiarity of offshore and marine specifications such as:




Sizing of process equipment such as pumps and heat exchangers

Labor estimation for fabrication and assembly of process equipment

PLC and OIT Programming, Ladder Logic

Handling customer documentation requirements

Pump curves, weld procedures, equipment datasheets

Support service personnel in the field with equipment start-up and

assisting customers with troubleshooting

Experience with water equipment such as reverse osmosis units,

softeners, carbon filters, de-ionization systems, evaporators, waste heat evaporators.

Location = New Orleans, LA area

To apply = http://www.intech.net/Submit_Resume.html

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