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Great FE material for sale

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The materials I have for sale are:

1. Dr. Blanks's Home Study Video Course for FE:

This is the best material that I bought for the FE. You don't need a review class if you have this course. It would be very beneficial for a person that has about 2 - 3 months study time. I have 26 VHS tapes of the course. It is based on PPI's FERM manual by Lindeburg. Dr. Blank covers the

theory on one tape and solves all typical exam problems from the book on the 2nd tape. Basically you have 13 tapes covering theory and 13 tapes solving exam problems (26 tapes). Please go his website at this link for more information. scroll down to see a description of the classes. If you click on the cost link you will see that 13 lessons (VHS Tapes) = 39 hour package costs $670 + $40(shipping). Total cost $710. The only missing tapes are Dynamics and Mechanics of Materials I. I got Mech. of Material II tapes because it covers most of the FE material.

I am planning on selling this course for $250 + shipping $25.

2). I also have a CD-ROM PE Refresher Course by James Kamm that PPI used to sell at $260 + Shipping. No it is sold under the Smartpro licence fopr $260 + shipping.

Check it out and you will see how good it is. This is around 10 hours of lectures of explanations and problem solving using great graphics. There are additional problems/solutions for practice too.

I am selling it for $100 (incl. shipping). The CD's worth just for the thermo, fluids and material science sections alone.

If you buy both items I will sell for $300 + $25.00 (Shipping). I will also e-mail you printed material in PDF format from a FE class for free.

E-mail me at if interested. I use PayPal.



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