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  1. I Passed PE Civil Construction exam under TBPE decoupling which I hope it will help to find job. Now I'm thinking how to add this to strengthen my resume to find any engineering job. Can I add the title PE (Decoupling) after my name in LinkedIn or resume or ... Did you update your resume/card/signature ?
  2. Nerd_Alert


    Has anybody heard anything about Montana?
  4. Direct from the Home Office, The Top Ten Reasons a PPI Prep Course is for You: 10. OnDemand lectures are now included when enrolled in a Live Online course. Start studying early. 9. No need to cram - Courses are spread out over multiple months. 8. Multiple schedules are offered to fit your busy life. 7. Homework. Our prep courses ensure that the work is put in. 6. Personal attention from instructors outside of class, via forum, or email. 5. Risk-free enrollment for students. We guarantee you'll pass or retake a course for free. 4. Pass rates for PPI prep course students are over 83%. 3. Courses are updated to the new exam specs. 2. Courses include all the books and materials at one low price. No extra purchases needed. 1. Take the course from the people who wrote the #1 prep books for your exam Plus, starting May 1st they will be the LOWEST price of the year. Find your course -
  5. Unfortunately today I learned that I failed the PE MDM exam with a score of 46/80. Wondering if others would mind sharing their scores. This being my 2nd time failing it I need to re-evaluate what I'm doing wrong, or if I was close enough to where all I need is more practice. After the first time I changed several things: new instructor, spent an inordinate amount of time doing extra problems, found a study-buddy, but apparently all that wasn't enough. Maybe part of my problem is that I graduated 20 years ago and I honestly don't do any of this stuff in my day-day job. The class that I took was PPI and really liked my instructor. Any comments, suggestions would be appreciated. Also, not sure if I want to put myself through all that studying again this summer to take the exam in Oct'17, or if I should wait until April'18. Thank you.
  6. Don't know if this map is old news. This is from 2012, but at least gives a rough estimate of which states come out when.
  7. I am looking to develop an Indiana PE exam review group for the Civil exam. Would anyone be interested?
  8. Hello Friends, I am new to this forum. I am a structural engineer with 10+ years of experience. Currently working in GE Power (India). I did my graduation in civil engineering from India. I am planning to have a PE certification. Can I apply for this? First of all my education credentials. How to validate it? Second is about FF exam. I think, I have to give FE exam. Last is about state. Which state shall I choose? Looking for your kind support. How should I proceed? Please guide me. Thanks. SBarwal
  9. Hello everyone My name is Hunter and would like to learn more about the PE pursuit. I am a test engineer for a sub-business unit of Fluke that specializes in radiation detection equipment for nuclear power plants. I've been in this role for 2 years, and I graduated with a bachelors in nuke from the University of Florida (Go Gators). I ultimately want to get into contract engineering work / run my own show in ANY technological or engineering industry. Like I said, I am interested in obtaining a PE. The type of PE that would be relevant to my current job would be nuclear and maybe civil/mechanical. I do a lot of qualification testing and calibrations for our systems. EMI/RFI, seismic, environmental, that sort of thing. I could utilize a civil/mechanical PE for the seismic qualification portion of my work. A nuclear PE would be all around useful as that is the industry we work in. I do not work with anyone in my building (solon, oh) who has a PE in either of the mentioned fields. The Fluke mothership is in Everett, Washington. I have yet to contact anyone there for a reference. I passed the FE other disciplines exam in 2014. Any advice or suggestions are welcome for this noob. In the small amount of spare time I have I like to read eat and work out. Go Cavs, Go Gators, screw Ohio State I look forward to meeting like minded people on here Hunter
  10. Five Reasons Why You Should Take a PPI Prep Course: 1. View Free OnDemand Lectures While You Wait for Your Course to Start 2. Gain Access to the Syllabus Immediately After Signing Up 3. Risk-Free Enrollment and a Passing Guarantee. Retake a Course for Free if You Don't Pass Your Exam 4. Increase Your Chances of Passing Significantly 5. Master Your Calculator With Free Calculator Lessons
  11. Does anyone have any advice or input on taking the PTOE and California Traffic Engineer exam soon after taking the regular PE exam (transportation afternoon session)? My boss has suggested that I look into taking both of those exams within a reasonable amount of time after the PE exam this April. I'm close to burning out on my PE studying, but I can't imagine having to start from scratch again in a few years. Any thoughts?
  12. I will be taking the Mechanical PE exam in April '17 and have chosen the Machine Design and Materials (MDM) exam specification. Being that I graduated quite some time ago, I've enrolled in a refresher course which starts in a few weeks, but in the mean time I was wondering if somebody could make a recommendation for a book or study guide that covers these topics which make up the 2nd part of the exam. I already have MERM (Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual), 13th edition, but it only covers them superficially.
  13. If anyone can help me, it is much appreciated. I contacted the board and their answer was very vague and I don't want to have my application kicked back. Here is my situation: I graduated in Dec. 2014 with my master's in civil engineering. After graduation I worked at a construction project management firm where I was not doing design work (no qualifying experience). After that, I was hired as a civil engineer. I have been at this company for currently 18 months (enough qualifying experience to apply in California). I have been on the same project for 18 months, with the same supervisor. All of my other references will be co-workers that I work side by side with. 1) Do I have to write about the non-qualifying experience in Section 2 of the application, or should I just mention it in the blank space below? It says there should be no gaps except for unemployment. Again, it was not under a licensed PE and does not make sense to me if I have to get a reference from my previous supervisor. And as it says on Section 2 of Engagement Summary and References, "All the names of your reference must be listed on this page". If I have to write my old job as engagement 2 and list my old supervisor, do I have to use them as a reference? 2) Does the qualifying experience (18 months) only get listed under my current supervisor's engagement form/section of the application? i.e. Do I put 0 months under my other references? FYI, this was the board's reply, " The engagement record portion of the forms must be completed in sufficient detail to allow the Board to determine that the nature and the extent of the engineering work claimed to have been performed by the applicant has indeed been qualifying . " Thanks for the clarification California... Thank you.
  14. Anyone know a good site where I can go to get problems for the depth portion of Civil Transportation? I'm all set in the AM portion, but I need more questions similar to the ones I'll find in depth to practice with. Thanks!
  15. Has anyone successfully postponed the CA 8-hour exam? I'm registered for the April 2017 ME exam but underestimated being a new mom and have not dedicated as much time to studying and do not feel prepared. I don't know if this is enough reason for the board to accept the postponement to Oct 2017. I found the Postponement form but it asks to attach supporting docs. I don't know what to really attach for my reason... Advice?
  16. We have a little over a month left until the April PE exam. I've chosen to do the structures depth, but I am starting to really worry because I do not know enough. Here's a bit about me, I have a general Civil background but I do utility engineer design. There isn't a depth that really fits what I do, maybe construction? However, I took a few structural courses in college and structures is the most interesting topic for me, so I went ahead with structures. However, I've been hearing that structures is the hardest depth and it's still is difficult even for those who do it for work every day to pass the exam. I'm starting to really worry now that I chose the wrong depth. Can anyone assure me I didn't make a mistake? Or if there's anyone in my shoes where what you do for work is not at all similar to any of the depths? It'll also be good to get someone who is a structural engineer, their perspective on someone who isn't a structures guy at all but taking the structures depth. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  17. Can someone please explain to me ex.10 in the graffeo EE guide to passing the power PE book? I don't understand how to get 22.78 49.4 degress from Zld = 35(j30)/(35+j30)
  18. I'm wondering how different firms across the country handle and regard professional licensure - did your firm do anything for you regarding the test or were you on your own? examples - reimbursing exam fees, giving PTO, providing study materials, reimbursing travel costs, etc. I'm trying to get the policy at my company changed (they pay you the day that you take it but no reimbursement of out-of-pocket costs) and I'm interested in feedback as to what the typical situation for most engineers is.
  19. on the DBPR website, what "Qualification Effective" date does it show for your license? This is for the New PEs who took the October test. i think they have mine wrong due to issues with my application. i just need confirmation thanks!
  20. Hey everyone, I know CA has the new board approval process where applicants for the PE can just go directly to NCEES if they passed the FE ( Well, this update wasn't valid until after submitting my board approval application (Oct 2016). I haven't heard back from the board yet. I called them, and they said they will notify all applicants via email. I'm an out-of-state applicant, so I had to submit fingerprints to be processed. It's not been 3 months, and I still haven't heard back. Whenever I call, I am always told to keep checking my email. Anyone in the same boat, or have gotten any word back from the board? Any thoughts? Oh also, I'm registered for the PE on NCEES and it says approved. I chatted with someone on NCEES, and she said it indicates board approval. But why wasn't I directly notified by the board yet?!! Confused...
  21. I just passed all three exams (it took 3 tries to pass surveying). I turned in my fingerprints the day after I got the results and I am still waiting to get assigned a license number. Anyone else on the same boat?
  22. Wondering if anyone is interested in the following test materials for the PE exam: NCEES Transportation Practice Exam including morning breadth and afternoon sessions. AASHTO Roadside Design Guide, 4th Edition Both books are like new, I bought them in the fall and used them to study and take the October exam. Neither have any markings or highlighting of any sort. Let me know if you have any interest or questions. Thanks, Jake
  23. Hello everyone, I am an electrical PE and I have also been working for a PE Civil engineer for the last 12 months in the state of California. I have been told that if you have your PE in any engineering field that you only need (1) year of work experience under an engineer to apply for the second license. In short, I would like to sit for the Civil PE exam in california and i only have (1) year of work experience in Civil Engineering under a Civil PE but I am an electrical PE already. Anyone know anything about this? Thanks in advance!
  24. Hello, I am currently studying to take the NCEES PE Test in April 2017. I was wondering if anyone had any sample study schedules or guides that helped them organize their study approach. Thank you in advance.
  25. Good Morning Crew, I am an electrical engineer at a Federally Funded Research and Development Center in East Tennessee. I started my career off with a BS EET in 2003 and got a job as a technician, then worked my way into a engineering role. Around 2011 I went back to the University of Tennessee for my BS in Electrical Engineering, I completed that degree in 2014. I then started work on my MS in Electrical Engineering at the University of Tennessee and finished that this semester. I worked continuously at the FFRDC the entire time. I also had a RA position at UT during my MS. My thesis was in microelectronics design. Most of my work experience has been board level and system level design of electronics and electrical systems for radiation detection electronics, motion control and automation for laboratory systems. I have done a mix of hardware, software and firmware. The majority of this time has been with one group at the FFRDC, which had no PE's in the group. Now I have switched positions and the new group also has no PE's. So I am looking for guidance on how to handle the progressive engineering experience requirement for PE supervision. How can I get the experience requirement? All the electrical PE's I know don't do board level and system level electronics. Most electronics guys work under the industrial exemption and don't get the PE because of that. The way I am funded at work requires the drafting of proposals to government agencies. I want to get my PE to help my proposals stand out and show that by funding me they are getting an engineered product. I am a firm believer that all engineers should get licensed to increase professionalism. I'm willing to get licensed in another state. Any suggestions?
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