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  1. Hello, I am trying to determine the settings on an old GE electromechanical relay. There are three settings, pickup, time dial, INST. The time dial and INST values seem fairly straight forward. The pickup values howver show a plate with screws (see attached picture). How are you to determine the settings? Is it based on the placement of screws or is there a plate behind the cover that needs to be seen? Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
  2. I am working on a project that will label the chains on a hoist. There are about 20 chains. What I envision is some sort of plastic or rubber sleeve with a clear cover that I can slide over the chain, and then slide a paper label inside with information about the chain and what it is aloud to lift. Has anyone come across any unique or efficient labeling ideas for chains? My main concern is I want something that won't get tangled up as some of the chains are close together.
  3. Hi everyone, This is my first post though I've been ransacking these forums for over a year now. A little background: I graduated with a BS degree in mechanical engineering in 2011. I never took the FE in school, it wasn't really encouraged for MEs. After graduation I got involved with the drinking water industry, primarily treatment plants and distribution system designs. My employer has really started to stress the fact that I should get my PE so I'll be eligible to move up in the ranks. That meant first taking the FE, which I studied my butt off for and by some miracle passed in May 2017 after being out of school for 6 years. My goal is to the PE exam in April 2018 but I am extremely undecided on which discipline to go for. I'm considering Mechanical: Thermal/Fluids or Civil: Water Resources & Environmental. Mechanical Pros: Looking at the NCEES specifications I'd say I feel fairly comfortable with about 50% of the material and at the very least recognize the other knowledge areas. Having just studied for the FE, topics like Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, and Thermodynamics are relatively fresh. Mechanical Cons: Thermo/Fluids were HARD in school for me so I can imagine the PE Exam has the potential to be downright horrendous. For all I know I may have bombed these sections in the FE and just gotten by on math, statics, strengths, etc. I don't know anyone who has taken it in the past - no study materials available ($$$) Civil Pros: More relative to my current work Most of my coworkers/friends have taken this route - and offered to let me have/borrow their study resources/references Easier (???) subject matters than Thermo/Fluids CivilCons: 70% of the topics on the NCEES specifications are completely new to me - the only topics I recognize are structures, groundwater, water quality, hydraulics, and drinking water distribution and treatment. I've never had any courses/experience in hydrology, storm water, waste water, soils, construction management etc. I guess it comes down to whether I should choose the devil I know vs. the devil I don't. Has anyone else ever been torn making a choice between the two and if so what did you decide? Any other MEs choose to take the Civil PE and if so what was it like teaching yourself all those non-ME topics from scratch? For those that took the ME Thermal/Fluids exam, how did the level of difficulty compare to the questions on the FE (for those that remember way back then..)? If you made it this far, thanks for reading! Any advice much appreciated.
  4. I am designing a cart to transport and store some sensitive equipment. We want to mistake proof the ESD connection by making it connect automatically when the cart is in its correct location. I had the idea to use metal wheels and store the cart on a metal pad, but that would tear up the floor over time. I've been trying to figure out some sort of docking mechanism that would complete the connection by pushing the cart into it, possible with the two halves connecting to a support leg on the cart and the wall. Does anyone have any experience or ideas with this kind of project? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I'm assuming others must have got this email but just in case someone might be interested below is what I received. NCEES is seeking licensed mechanical engineers to participate in a standard-setting study for the Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) Mechanical exam, which is used throughout the United States for licensing purposes. To qualify, volunteers must be licensed professional engineers practicing in the mechanical engineering discipline. The standard-setting study will take place May 19–20, 2017, in Clemson, South Carolina. Travel and lodging expenses will be paid by NCEES. Selected volunteers will review and rate the difficulty of items that will be included on the updated exam. The volunteers’ responses will help NCEES determine the passing score for the PE Mechanical exam. To volunteer, complete this short online questionnaire at Also, please share this message with P.E. colleagues who may be interested in volunteering. If you have any questions, contact NCEES Exam Development Engineer Don Colman, P.E., at 864-654-6824 or NCEES appreciates your help with the important study.
  6. I have signed up for the October 2017 Mechanical engineering PE exam for machine design and materials and I am about to start my studies. I have viewed the new NCEES exam specifications (starting April 2017) and it does NOT include thermo/HVAC. Should I be skipping these types of questions from my study materials? I.e. just skip over those problems in the 6 minute solutions textbook as well as Lindeburg question workbook supporting the MERM? New test specification starting April 2017 found here I'd appreciate some feedback from people who took the April 2017 exam and if they left thermodynamics problems and HVAC problems for studying? What about psychometric tables? Anything involving steam tables? I'd like to know explicitly what information I can omit from studying due to the redesign in the test. Thank you!!!
  7. I am doing preparation for PE mechanical for thermal & fluid system for October 2017, I am looking for TEST MASTER NOTE FOR UPDATE 2017 THERMAL AND FLUID SYSTEM. Please let me, if any one has it. your help will be appreciated. Thank you, Mike
  8. Hi all, first time here and I have a question in regards to the PE exam. I have a BS in mechanical engineering. Took the FE in October 2007 and passed. Looking to take the PE exam. I live and work in Colorado. I work in a civil engineering capacity these days and will need to have a PE to stay on as a engineer with the company I am with. My question is that most of my work experience is in Mechanical and I could be in another mechanical job down the road. With that said, I know that the PE exam is discipline specific but is the license? If I were to the the PE in mechanical (more familiar) and pass, would it have any different bearing than taking and studying for the PE in civil? Keep in mind that if I had a PE and took the mechanical test prior to my current job, that would have been fine to my understanding. I realize you should never stamp in a field you are not competent in but as far as taking an exam, if I pass the PE on the mech test, will anyone know that it was the mech test and not civil? The online database (DORA for Colorado) only lists the PE license number and not the test/discipline in which the examination was. I know that many engineers do a variety of engineering fields which may be the reason why. Can anyone confirm? I would like to take the test I feel more at ease with, even if my present job is in a differing field.
  9. Hello there, I've been working in the mechanical engineering field for more than 12 years. Interested in taking the FE, then the PE. My bachelors and masters are both related to IT. I feel that if I focus in on specific study topics geared towards each test, I can pass both tests. I see some of these forums are outdated, and I was wondering if anyone could recommend the following: 1) Which study guide/ class would you recommend? 2) What time frame do you give yourself to study for the exam? 2-3 months before schedule date? 3) In CA, NCEES says after July 1, 2017, in addition to the traditional multiple choice, they will use common alternative item types (point and click, drag and drop, fill in the blank). Does anyone in other states have experience with this? 4) Any other thoughts, comments or suggestions? Thank you.
  10. I will be taking the Mechanical PE exam in April '17 and have chosen the Machine Design and Materials (MDM) exam specification. Being that I graduated quite some time ago, I've enrolled in a refresher course which starts in a few weeks, but in the mean time I was wondering if somebody could make a recommendation for a book or study guide that covers these topics which make up the 2nd part of the exam. I already have MERM (Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual), 13th edition, but it only covers them superficially.
  11. You can get a FREE 10 week study guide to help you prepare for the Mechanical PE exam.
  12. Hello all! I'll start by introducing myself. I'm Kris from San Diego, CA currently in the coast guard stationed in Wi. I did about 2.5-3 years community college in So Cal focused on transferring to a california university to study engineering. I basically got all of my math, physics, chemistry and general requirements out of the way. I was getting kinda wore out and depressed feeling like I wasnt getting anywhere in my life sitting in classes all day every day and wanted to get out and explore so I began the enlistment process for the USCG and dropped out. About the same time I had finally sworn in to the military I had gotten my Acceptance letter from UCSD to study Mechanical Engineering at their university (DOH!). So I'm about 2 years into my first contract right now, getting ready to leave for 6 months of additional military schooling where I will be required to re-up another 2-4 years. After that I will be located within the US at a base, hopefully in california again (no deployments, no bs) perusing my coast guard career in aviation maintenance. When this time comes I would like to get back to school to finish out what I had started. I know it will take quite some time balancing a (more than) full time job and getting an engineering degree (Have not decided between Civil and Mechanical) but this is what I truly want in life and I cant wait to get started. While I wait I am currently trying to review/relearn all the math and sciences which I had picked up along the way. Its amazing how much you can forget in such a little amount of time lol. This brings me to my question... What kind of schools can I attend (names, locations, etc) that will A. Accept my previous college credits, B. Be flexible with military (lock into degree programs, etc) *OPTIONAL-C. Offer distance, and/or online courses. D. What should I be looking for as far as accreditation, what is more universally accepted by employers, etc. - I had read that ABET is probably the most acceptable accreditation. E. What kind of hurdles can I expect trying to peruse this degree given my circumstance? Also, any other ex-military folks here have any advice on how to get there and what I need to do?
  13. Hi, I’m making a training tool/website to help people learn about engineering, but I’ve got a bit of a problem. I was working on 3D model of an engine and labelling parts etc. but there is one piece whose function I do not known (see below image). I’ve asked around but no one I know seems to know what it is. The second below image is a close-up. This is what I do know: • Lit is belt driven so it turns (possibly centrifugal filter?). • The pulley is small so it turns fast. • There seems to be a connection to the lube oil sump. • There are jubilee clips so it is easy to remove (which again points to some sort of filter). So, does anyone know what it is? Item ‘2’ on the below image is for a lube oil filter (probably, informed guess), so why would they have a secondary filter on the suction side of the lube oil system (assuming that it is a filter and it is related to the lube oil system)? The model can be found at the link below, it is interactive so you can zoom in to get a better look etc. Any help is welcomed!!!
  14. Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I am selling my PE exam prep materials for the Mechanical HVAC exam. These are the only materials I studied with and the only references I brought with me to the exam. Using only these, I passed the October 2016 exam on my first try! Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam, 13th edition by Lindeburg ($250) Practice Problems for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam, 13th edition by Lindeburg ($85) PE Mechanical Engineering: HVAC and Refrigeration Practice Exam by NCEES ($30) Six-Minute Solutions for Mechanical PE Exam HVAC and Refrigeration Problems, 2nd edition by Elder ($65) I bought these materials new and did not write in any of them - so they are in "like new" condition. I have photos ready to send, if interested. I will sell individually for prices listed (add $10 for shipping each) - or will sell as a set for $400, including shipping. Prices are firm and I prefer to use PayPal. I almost don't want to sell these because they remind me of my triumph over the behemoth that is the PE exam :-) but I know they could be helping someone else. Thanks, Ryan
  15. Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I am selling my PE exam prep materials for the Mechanical HVAC exam. These are the only materials I studied with and the only references I brought with me to the exam. Using only these, I passed the October 2016 exam on my first try! Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam, 13th edition by Lindeburg ($250) Practice Problems for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam, 13th edition by Lindeburg ($85) PE Mechanical Engineering: HVAC and Refrigeration Practice Exam by NCEES ($30) Six-Minute Solutions for Mechanical PE Exam HVAC and Refrigeration Problems, 2nd edition by Elder ($65) I bought these materials new and did not write in any of them - so they are in "like new" condition. I have photos ready to send, if interested. I will sell individually for prices listed (add $10 for shipping each) - or will sell as a set for $400, including shipping. Prices are firm and I prefer to use PayPal. I almost don't want to sell these because they remind me of my triumph over the behemoth that is the PE exam :-) but I know they could be helping someone else. Thanks, Ryan
  16. Hello everyone, Yesterday I received the sad news that I did not pass the Mechanical PE exam. According to the NCEES diagnostic report my score was 38/80 which was about the same as what I scored during the practice test. My discipline was Mechanical Systems/Materials. This is obviously not the result that I was hoping for especially after all the time, effort and dedication that I put into this. When I saw the word “Fail” in that little red box next to my result, I was crushed. From the get-go I knew this wouldn’t be easy as I graduated 20 years ago and haven’t touched this stuff much since. I felt at a significant disadvantage when compared to more recent grads. so I decided to enroll in a refresher course that would provide the structure needed to prepare for the exam. I chose PPI’s Mechanical PE review course and this was my general approach: Was very diligent about completing all homework assignments. Read subject matter ahead of lectures in order to get the most out of each class As time allowed I went back to review previous lectures/homework problems to make sure I stayed current on those topics 1.5 weeks prior to the exam I took the NCEES practice test and scored 39/80. This pointed out my weaknesses which were mostly in the PM session so I went back and practiced more problems in those areas to reinforce concepts. The last 2 weeks prior to the exam I also went back to review some HW problems that I felt emphasized key concepts I needed to reinforce. At this point I’m wondering what I need to do BETTER and/or DIFFERENT for next time because obviously, my methodology didn’t work. Maybe now that the exam is more discipline focused I’ll have extra time to do more problems and review old exams to gain practice and speed. I’m already enrolled for the April’17 exam, same discipline, and any advice this group could offer would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. JV
  17. Congrats to those who passed the October PE exam! I know Texas releases your actual score for the PE exam whether you pass or fail and I was told that 70 is the score needed to pass. Unfortunately, my progression for the last 3 exam attempts have been 64, 65 and now 69. Here's to hoping I can finally reach 70 next April. I wasn't sure if the 69 score relates to missing one or two questions. Anyone else dealing with barely not passing? Good luck to those who are on the trek of preparing for the April 2017 exam
  18. Selling the following; MERM 10th edition ($50) Crane Flow of Fluids Book ($70) Cameron Hydraulic Data Book ($20) Testmaster's Mechanical PE Exam Course Manual (Open for Negotiation) I want to sell this as a package deal and avoid shipping items all over the country. If you are interested in this PM me. These were the only reference materials I used and passed with flying colors! Good luck!
  19. North Carolina results are in! I passed Mechanical Sytems & Materials! The NCEES exams are the best to study with. Buy the current one from and find one of the 2008, 1999 ones if you can. Some questions are repeated, but I found them the best practice!
  20. Make your mark on the most ambitious engineering project in the UK. Visit our upcoming event and discover more. Get inspired with BAE Systems We’re currently looking for talented engineers and technical designers in a diverse range of fields to join our most complex and cutting-edge submarine project to date. It’s no exaggeration to say this is the most technically advanced project in the world right now – working with machinery even more precise than the space shuttle. Recruitment Event - Tuesday 29th November at Derbyshire County Cricket Club in the Pavilion Room If you’re up for the challenge, come and meet us at our upcoming event on November 29th at Derbyshire County Cricket Club. It’s a chance to speak face-to-face about the roles available, the scope of the work and the community you’ll be part of. We’ll have members of the business there to discuss projects and opportunities on the day, available from 8am – 7pm. There is no need to register to attend, just turn up on the day for an informal discussion. About the programme This new class of submarine will operate in the most inhospitable environments on earth – protecting borders and people, strengthening nations and building stronger communities. To make that happen, we’re building a highly collaborative team of some of the most passionate and knowledgeable experts in their fields. Based at our shipyard in Barrow, it’s an environment where you’ll be trusted to deliver bold, innovative solutions to unique engineering challenges. In return, you can expect plenty of room to develop both personally and professionally – with training courses and genuine opportunities to use your design or engineering knowledge and skills to their fullest potential. It’s a 20-year project, making this a chance to make real contributions across a long-term and highly specialist career. What’s more, you could also build relationships while working directly with our partners, including highly reputed global engineering brands. What we’re looking for This team will be staffed by engineers and designers in a wide range of areas and at all levels. So whether you’re an experienced professional or a recent graduate, if you’re truly passionate about contributing to the next generation of marine technology, we could have a role for you. Ideally, you’ll have some marine engineering or design expertise – but we’re also interested in aviation, nuclear, automotive, oil and gas specialists. Roles will be available in: Electrical Engineering – Power, Control and Instrumentation disciplines Mechanical Engineering – Platform Systems General Design Engineering Structural (Hull) Designers – range of roles from Primary Structures to Outfit Human Factors Training Needs Analysis Safety Engineering Operability Engineering Software and Information Assurance Roles in the Product Lifecycle Management Competency Centre in Information Management & Technology Why join us You’ll be directly responsible for the most advanced technical platform on the planet, and by design, most people will never even see it. But that doesn’t mean your contributions won’t be acknowledged. You’ll be in a culture that recognises success and celebrates achievement. That starts with constant development opportunities and the trust to apply your talents to the fullest – as well as opportunities for flexible working. Get inspired. Meet the team, discuss your future and see what you can do for the next generation of submarines. If you would like to register your interest for these types of roles, please click here:
  21. Hi, I am looking for a study partner or group around Houston Texas. I will be taking Mechanical PE exam Thermal Fluids. Thanks, Adeel
  22. Hello there! Here where I work we have 5 hangars near each other, and each hangar have a crane to move load from one place to another. But the crane can only move the load inside the hangar, and can't move it to one hangar to another. I'm thinking on a cheap and efficient solution for this, and here they are: 1ª) A transfer car that roll on rails, and it cross all 5 hangars. But the problem with this solution is that it's very expensive and with the trail nothing can cross on a perpendicular way. Also, the electrical feeding the motor is another problem. 2ª) A rolling table on some specific points. The problem with it is that we have to buy a rolling table for every cross of hangar, and the operator will need to move from one rolling table to another, in order to move the load across the hangars. 3ª) An electric hoist, that can be installed at the pillar between the hangars. The problem is that the load is 12 meters of lenght, and when the hoist do it angular movment, the load will interfer on something that is inside the hangar. Besides these solutions, is there another one that is more cheap and efficient. I think that you already saw yourself with this problem. Thank you!
  23. Hello, I recently passed the April 2016 PE Mechanical HVAC and Refrigeration Exam and I am currently selling all of my study materials. Here is a complete list of everything I have for sale: Official NCEES PE Mechanical HVAC and Refrigeration Practice Exam - some penciled notes already erased Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam (MERM13), 13th Edition Practice Problems for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam (MEPP13), 13th Edition Mechanical PE Practice Examination (MEPE3), 3rd Edition Quick Reference for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam (MEQR5), 5th Edition 101 Solved Mechanical Engineering Problems (MESPT) Engineering Unit Conversions (UNIT4) Casio FX-115 ES Plus Advanced Scientific Calculator (FX115ESP) Two Sets of Customizable Book Tabs (TABPPI) - completely unopened and unused Six-Minute Solutions for Mechanical PE Exam HVAC and Refrigeration Problems (SXMH2) Mechanical Engineering in a Flash Flashcards (MEFL) - completely unopened and unused To be honest I only used the NCEES Practice Exam, the MERM, and the Engineering Unit Conversions booklet. The reason being that I also enrolled in the Testmasters PE Mechanical Exam Classroom Course. I'd like to sell everything together as a package to keep things simple. I'm willing to sell everything for $550 including standard shipping to anywhere in the continental USA. If you happen to live in Houston, TX I can meet you somewhere instead of shipping everything to you for a discount. For everyone's safety I accept Paypal from Confirmed Accounts ONLY. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions and thanks for looking.
  24. Strong Lean/ TPM Background Ability to lead diverse teams About Our Client AkzoNobel is a leading global paints and coatings company and a major producer of speciality chemicals. Calling on centuries of expertise, they supply industries and consumers worldwide with innovative products and sustainable technologies designed to meet the growing demands of the fast-changing planet. With their headquarters based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, AkzoNobel have approximately 47,000 people in around 80 countries working withing their infrastructure, while their portfolio includes well-known brands such as Dulux, Sikkens, International, Interpon & Eka. They are consistently ranked as one of the leaders in the area of sustainability, being fully committed to making life more liveable and our cities more human. Their global activities are focused on four main end-user segments: buildings & infrastructure, Transportation, Consumer Goods & Industrial, which has allowed them to become a leading global producer of paints, coatings and speciality chemicals. Job Description Reporting directly into the Site Manager, the Engineering Manager will head a team of up to 20-25 engineering contractors, ensuring that plant equipment and maintenance systems are developed/ improved alongside facilitating the developing continuous improvement environment and culture. Having a safety first approach to their work is a must, ensuring that all team members and contractors are proactively promoting a safe way of working. The Engineering Manager will put in place and develop systems going forward, driving the team to ensure that this is followed to its full potential. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: Develops a passion for HSE&S, Sustainability and Quality in the engineering team and reviews performance - setting targets for continuous improvement. Ensures delivery of leading levels of all key performance indicators using Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and application of the AkzoNobel Way. Inspires and challenges the workforce to deliver results and continuously stretch personal development and skills. Has a thorough understanding of future requirements and proposes options for how best to continue delivering leading levels of service. Drives a lean continuous improvement programme across Engineering - transferring best practice in and knowledge transfer out into the network. Understands the capabilities and constraints on the assets across the site and optimises the effective use of the assets to continually drive down operational cost. Ensures projects are scoped and developed with detailed involvement of departmental resource - ensuring in line with EEM, TPM, sustainability and lean thinking methodologies. Develops and owns the proactive Maintenance strategy, utilising technology, incorporating EEM, TPM, Lean and Continuous Improvement methodologies whilst involving the employees that operate the equipment. Works closely with Procurement partners to negotiate terms of services for the site in line with business and site strategy. The Successful Applicant The successful candidate will, preferably: Experience and Educational Requirements: Undergraduate degree in Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical or Civil Engineering (or equivalent). Significant experience in chemical or mechanical construction project engineering. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Familiarity with the codes and standards regulating the chemical process industry. Significant project management experience. People management experience. Experience in the batch chemical process industry is desirable. A registered professional engineer is desirable General Knowledge and Awareness: Good understanding of paint products and colour would be beneficial. Good level of knowledge of the business and where the Supply Chain and sites fits as part of the strategy and be able to communicate this throughout the department. Ability to champion AkzoNobel's Core Values Ability to interact effectively with Customers, Community and other AkzoNobel visitors on a regular basis. Ability to use Situational Leadership (SLII) to effectively manage and lead the team. Lead and manage the AkzoNobel Performance & Development Dialog(P&DD) processs within team. Use coaching and performance management techniques to develop the team and drive performance. Understand and ability to use Employee Performacne Improvement Plan (EPIP)/disciplinary procedures to maintain performance. What's on Offer Competitive Salary + Package & Benefits Apply for this job Click the link to apply:
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