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  2. Thanks Maya_206 for the information provided.
  3. Yes. I've seen that. Maybe they're compiling all of the applications and going to upload them all in one fell swoop this week.
  4. Hello, I got my NCEES evaluation summary for my Undergrad degree from India (Civil engineering) and it said I am missing 6 General Education hours. Does this mean my degree is not ABET accredited? What needs to be done next? Please advise.
  5. @FutureSE Have you taken any courses beyond EET? State of Florida is requiring I take a review course to re-apply but EET is not on that list. (b) Submit evidence of completion of one of the following board approved engineering examination review courses; the selected course must cover content for the examination in the engineering discipline the applicant intends to take. 1. Schools with an ABET approved engineering program; 2. Kaplan Engineering Education; 3. School of PE; 4. Testmasters Educational Services, Inc.; 5. SmartPros, Ltd.; 6. Professional Publications, Inc., School of PE looks sketchy, Kaplan is PPI now Testmasters doesn't have SE PPI is combined vertical and lateral so half the course is a waste of time What a pain in the ass this all is..
  6. Hello, I got my NCEES evaluation summary for my Undergrad degree from India (Civil engineering) and it said I am missing 6 General Education hours. Does this mean my degree is not ABET accredited? What needs to be done next? Please advise.
  7. I'm really hoping my cat didn't go looking for the rainbow bridge when we let her outside this morning... The last few days has seen her losing weight and yesterday she definitely had a weak/frail feeling to her. She had spit up a few times yesterday evening and it was all bile (no food or hairballs like normal cats). Definitely to the point that I was planning on arranging a vet visit within the next day or two. Put her in bed with us at 11 and she was not doing well. All she could do was lie down. About midnight she woke us up by vomiting again, so I got up to take clean it up and make sure she got back to bed OK. Tried to feed her some chicken from the fridge and a couple of her treats but she didn't want them (very unlike her). Put her back to bed only for her to wake us up again a few hours later. Mrs Dex couldn't find the mess so she put the cat outside. Woke up this morning to discover that she had thrown up blood a couple times. She's normally on the front porch in the morning when she gets put outside at night. Not today, can't find her. Between the lack of sleep and worry for the cat I'm a zombie at work. This sucks, I hope we can find her and get to the vet in time.
  8. Today
  9. Do you know the difference between these two books? They both appear to be from 2008 with 160 questions, but two different ISBNs and different covers. Based on your response above, the second one is the correct book since it has the same cover as 2001. So I'm trying to figure out what the first book is for.
  10. So when we finding out pass rates?
  11. X3. that sucks. so sorry for you and your family.
  12. Sorry to hear about that RG. I hope everyone is ok and there wasn't much damage. Weather was overcast and rainy here. We went to NH to spend it with FIL. I got to Facetime with both kids that was the highlight of my day.
  13. Do you have any practice exams related to the TFS exam? I'm looking for 2011 or 2008 NCEES Mechanical Practice Exams.
  14. I combine all of the objects in the pile into a small pub called the Portland Jesus. The meme is framed and hung over the bar next to the TV and used the rest of the resin to finish the bartop. There is now a pub called the Portland Jesus in the pile.
  15. They added one out of state license today after about five days of no activity.
  16. The California Board processes all application for an engineering license the same regardless of whether the applicant is residing or licensed in another state. Based on you just submitting your application, I would expect it to be processed over the next 45-60 days which means you should be notified sometime around mid-August of the status of your application. If approved prior to the end of September, you will be allowed to schedule for the two California Civil exams during the fourth quarter of the calendar year.
  17. went skinny-dipping in the harbor with the orcas. The combo of sugar and caffeine really helped him...
  18. and really even on mothers day you still thank a father cause odds are your mother wasn't in the mood.... my fathers day was capped off by a tree jumping in front of my 16 year olds car ride home from work last night around 9 PM
  19. tang infused cappuccinos. He made it a habit to drink three before he...
  20. Banned for bragging about your measurements.
  21. I come by to drop off a sixer of PBR, but everyone left to chase after the next shiny object. There is now a "damn you, autocorrect" meme, a six pack of PBR, a TV, and a mostly empty can of epoxy resin in the pile.
  22. I'd suggest going the balla route and taking the PE on friday, then the SE lateral on Saturday. If you did that well on the SE lateral and already passed the vertical, the PE structural exam should be a walk in the park.
  23. Florida released finally. Lateral Building - 23/40 A A IR U. Felt I did much better than 23.. 3rd try, so have to figure out if I have to reapply from the start or if can try again in October. I COULD have taken the PE exam and likely had my license 2 years ago, but now I get to decide if I keep taking the SE lateral or PE since I have already passed the Vertical..
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