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  2. @krisEng i just received my wall certificate in the mail 😀
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  4. second to last day of vacation spam
  5. A range of 52ish-57 is normal. Not many vets trust the Texas cut core extrapolations. No one actually knows the formula they use (if they even have one) and a little error in guessing the formula either way can swing the cut score a few questions.
  6. If you failed they'll only ask questions about the quality of the exam site conditions and proctoring. If you passed they'll ask questions about hours spent studying, resources and books used, calculator type, etc. /s
  7. Someone will probably make it after the April 2019 Result Sub-Forum is created. Even then, it won't happen until most people are going nuts and need an outlet.
  8. Are there any questions regarding how you studied for the exam?
  9. Do they ask any questions on how you studied for the exam
  10. @GirlsCanDesignThank you for sharing your stories and experience very happy for you!
  11. Sorry was busy. We don’t, yet. My daughter rides horses and takes lessons at a local stable. She’d move in to the place if they'd let her. Again, she likes animals way more than people. And....Saturday spam before going fishing.
  12. Worst financial decision I ever made was to rent a limo without a driver. All that money and I had nothing to chauffeur it.
  13. Haha true and pass or fail ii think ill stick around!
  14. Ahh, well, I hope you get some good relaxation. Being done with the test is certainly an amazing feeling. And so is reaching 1500 posts on this board
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