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  2. It is possible, I think there is a threshold of acceptable, so maybe 70% correct of the problem is acceptable. So three of those with an unacceptable may not be passing, but three 100% acceptable and one unacceptable is passing. That's how I'm thinking of it at least.
  3. Banned for complimenting me on my measurements.
  4. @Nathan55@TehMightyEngineer As far as passing when I felt I was capable, I should've passed last October. I was really close. As far as this last exam, after 2 review courses and 2 years of study, I know this shit like the back of my hand. I probably got the I/R on steel because I was running short on time and either made a math mistake or skipped something. It's funny because by far I consider steel, wood, and masonry far easier in seismic design than concrete. Doesn't matter, I know them all now. The fact of the matter is, something else screwed up. I either got off on the bubbling or the scantron read my tick marks for skipped questions. I've paid for and requested a manual verification but I highly suspect I screwed the bubbling up. Maybe by the grace of @YAZRABADI's God, it was just my tick marks on the bridge problems and a few of the harder problems as that would likely be about 12 of problems I ran into, wrote a tick mark, and came back to. There were a couple answer changes as well. I could handle missing a few I thought I got right, but at the level of understanding I have on this material now, 15 is simply not statistically probable. I was guessing 38/40. For reference, last October exam I missed 5 more than I thought I had and I was MUCH better prepared this time. It's taken me about 2 years but I have been through every material code book, the SEAOC books, the IBC and ASCE, taken both the School of PE and the EET Lateral courses, and read/studied/solved problems in a couple text books that I picked up online for dynamic analysis. Hell, I can calculate Finite Elements, vibrations, resonant frequencies, and (least of all) perform Modal Analysis in my sleep. I know all there is to know in the material codes about the yielding mechanisms for the steel seismic lateral systems (as well as when to use expected vs omega vs design strengths), concrete systems, masonry reinforcement requirements, and wood subscript (inappropriate butt touching) gotcha provisions. I may not necessarily have the equations memorized, but I know exactly what needs to be done to achieve a proper hysteric diagram and I've even learned linear dash-pot damping for shits and giggles. All this to say, shit yeah I should've passed this last time, but I have the worst luck in the universe. If probability gives me a 50/50 shot at something, I swear my odds are more like 90/10 against my favor. Maybe more. I honestly think one of my ex's has delved into Voodoo and is stabbing my effigy every night before she goes to bed and every morning when she wakes up. I can't think of any explanation other than that and my leg is hurting as I type this. I don't necessarily believe it is economic as I am perfectly satisfied with my afternoon score or I would've lawyered up as I certainly believe the grading is inconsistent. Not much I can do about the multiple choice. You either got it or you didn't. Just wish I knew if mine were in a wad at the end of the exam because of the whole bubbling issue. Who knows, maybe I'll win the lottery and it was just my errant tick marks that made the scantron scream in anguish. May be doubtful, but a man can dream.
  5. @socalengineer glad to hear i'm not the only one done in 3 hours! Fingers crossed for you and I.
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  7. Something I stumbled upon, perusing the NCEES manual of practice: So there IS a way to find out your score, even if you passed. The board needs to request it.
  8. lol for some reason, she is not into Toy Story. She prefers to sit on the floor flipping through the CERM and trying to read it. She also drags her library books in too...but she's 4 so she reads out loud. That's when I just take a break from studying and just listen to the videos with headphones. I'm happy that she wants to read along with me but I'm a little frustrated because I really need total silence.
  9. Same here. Maybe that could be your kiddo’s designated media time? Otherwise our 3-year old likes building blocks, big legos and picture books.
  10. @TehMightyEngineer from what i understood from your famous cut score post, you cannot pass with a single Unacceptable PM problem. How is this possible?
  11. Toy Story on repeat
  12. Almost in the same situation as you. Passed vertical first try, can't get through lateral to save my life despite the fact I fully believe I am more than competent in the subject now. I originally applied in GA but they deleted my original application after denying reciprocity (because they are GA I guess) and I didn't trust them to get me registered so I went to Alabama. Alabama has one of the best and most responsive boards I've dealt with. You can call them and the BOARD answers, not the crappy SOS as in GA. Alabama will let you test there. My suggestion is resister there. GA absolutely sucks in comparison. AL may not like abortion (I really don't either, but maybe it's because I was born in Bama), but they are at least engineering friendly.
  13. Only on the lateral. I started the fourth on the vertical, but didn't get far.
  14. Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
  15. I would think where you pass each part of the SE exam wouldn't matter as 'how the exam is administered' is not state dependent. In other words same exam taken in GA would be same one taken in NC. I've definitely heard of folks taking PE exam in other states if they hit the max retake number. They just had to physically drive to exam site that's out of state. Have you taken a review course? I'm pretty sure that may count instead of dropping a few thousand and years on courses and if this is try #4 it may help you get over that last hump.
  16. For the most part, my wife was able to keep the little one away while I studied.
  17. Don't know if this fits here but any pointers on entertaining a 4-year old with something constructive when you're forced to do some of your PE studying in the same house with your child?
  18. I passed the vertical 1st try. I failed the lateral four times in a row. The state of GA says that I have to re-submit my application AFTER taking 12 hours of graduate level coursework at an accredited university. This could cost thousands and take a long time. My vertical portion is good until 2022. What are my options here? Should I apply to take the exam in another state and try to get reciprocity with GA? If I did that, would the vertical part still be good or would I have to retake? Anyone been in this situation before? Any information or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  19. How do you know you passed with 3 acceptable and 1 unacceptable?
  20. Congrats! Did you leave the 4th problem blank on both?
  21. Passed vertical. For the record, I passed both with A A A U in the afternoon.
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