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Sources of Power practice problems

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Can anyone suggest which of the following books below provides the best source of P.E. Power "exam level difficulty" problems

1) PPI Power Practice Problems

2) PPI Power Sample Exams

3) NCEES Power Sample Questions

Secondly, can anyone suggest additional good sources of practice problems ?

Thanks in advance for your help!

And good luck to all my fellow October, 2011 examinees!

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These are some sources I can recommend off the top of my head:

-Kaplan (tough)

-Chelapti (some errors)

-Power System Analysis - certain chapters (Grainger)

-Professor Kaiser's sample exams from his website (free)

-Electric power systems and electric machines from Schaum (I studied these quite a bit - the formulas are actually in the problems)

-Complex imaginary: I've only bought the NEC drill problems, haven't started using them either.

-Spin-up: I haven't bought or used them.

-Last but not least this forum.

I apologize, if I repeated any of the sources you listed on your post.

Good luck, I'm registered for the April 2013 in NY. You?

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