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I have MS in engineering from US university and Bachelor degree from foreign university. MS uni directly sent my transcript to NCEES and they verified. And my BS transcript, diploma and course description was pending on NCEES. My BS education tab was pending. NCCES emailed me to send them BS docs directly from my uni to them. They received and verified my foreign BS degree. I did not see any credential evaluation tab
Hi Duran,

I have been trying for my PE since last year. I failed my first attempt. I am going for my second attempt on August 5th. How was your last attempt?
DuranDuran PE
DuranDuran PE
Hello, Rajan,

I passed my last attempt. Good luck on your exam! Are you taking a class?
Hello Brother

I saw your comment about taking the exam yesterday. How was it? how did you prepare to the exam? did you take a course?

I deeply wish you a success .
someone is sending inappropriate msg to me. Lahelm369. Can you find out if this person is being hacked? 1626314038967.png

I got my NCEES evaluation summary for my Undergrad degree from India (Electronics & Communication Engineering) and it said I am missing two(2) General Education hours. Does this mean my degree is not ABET accredited?

What needs to be done next?

Please advise.
No need to do anything, general education hrs always waived by Licencing board. just apply to board for FE/EIT.
I have a set of Testmasters WRE materials for the WRE exam if you want to purchase them. I have the NCEES WRE practice exam also.


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The major difference between a thing that might go wrong and a thing that cannot possibly go wrong is that when a thing that cannot possibly go wrong goes wrong, it usually turns out to be impossible to get at and repair.

Douglas Adams
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I am been trying to respond to one of the threads, but I keep getting the error saying my content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements no matter what I type. Could you look into it? See attached for your reference.

Since I have failed the PE Exam three times I need to apply again to the TBPE to get a new opportunity to become a PE. For this, I need to work at least one more year in a Geotechnical Firm in Houston to get three PE letters of recommendation and update my SER.
Can anyone help me to find an Entry Level Geotechnical Engineer Position in the Houston area?, I could work there for free during one year at least. Thanks
Anybody taking the Chemical PE this year? I need some camaraderie and past NCEES practice exams. Anyone in Chem E land?