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Since I have failed the PE Exam three times I need to apply again to the TBPE to get a new opportunity to become a PE. For this, I need to work at least one more year in a Geotechnical Firm in Houston to get three PE letters of recommendation and update my SER.
Can anyone help me to find an Entry Level Geotechnical Engineer Position in the Houston area?, I could work there for free during one year at least. Thanks
Anybody taking the Chemical PE this year? I need some camaraderie and past NCEES practice exams. Anyone in Chem E land?
I am looking for a study group for the construction exam. I will retake the exam in April. If you are serious then let me know.
Hello, quick question, under what live class was the one-line diagram of an industrial facility covered? I saw the one in the last live class #11, problem 10,  but that's it. Zach said it was covered in class but going back to the notes, I'm not sure where it's at. Help needed !

Two electrical engineers are, at this very moment, discussing cheby shev next door to my office at work.

Unintended Max P.E.
Unintended Max P.E.
There's now some continued discussion. Polynomials, filters, and frequency.  I dunno what all else.

As long as I have been taking the PE exam, I've noticed that Hawaii engineers would sometimes get their notification in the mail first. Do you know if that is the case this time around?

I appreciate you starting this thread.  It has helped me when I get notices from job recruiters.  Is there a way I can add my info to the spreadsheet?  I'm an electrical designer in the MEP field.


Do something that comes easily for you.  If you have to struggle, you're doing something you are not meant for.

Hey ns, 

I would like to talk about what needs to be disclosed on an EIT form (NJ), you seem to know a lot.  Please email me at mlamura34@gmail.com and we can take it from there-

Thanks man


Ktulu, I have a quick question for you. I was just reading a post from you from 10 years ago about how you passed on the 5th try and took school of PE as a review course. I just found out i failed on my 4th try and I'm feeling the usual discouraged and grumpy emotions. I was wondering, at school of PE, which one did you take? On-Demand, online, or live in classroom? I am also thinking about signing up for school of PE, but I just wanted to know which rendition helped for you. Thanks!