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  1. 1. Fess up, are you sporting some skin art?

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Also an idiot that go one but in HS. Certain jewelry makes it easier but I've found a technique that minimizes the chance of erratic spray.   See below for my best effort at visually describ

I'll just stretch my tattooed skin out when I'm 70 like I'm playing with silly putty.  I'll probably be senile and won't care, anyways.

I, personally, started getting tattoos because there were parts of my body that I hated that wouldn't ever be fixed with exercise/dieting/therapy/whatever.  The tattoos were a good way of covering wha

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^^thats it in a nutshell - tats are permanent, and only thru large sums of $$ and/or pain are they reversible (i'm in the lo $$ / hi pain method)

Think before you Ink!

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My vote was no. I think my parents did a good job of brain washing me, telling me that tatooing meant that I was not taking care of my body. Well, I can certainly say that I am not taking all that good care of my body -- I drink caffeine, I eat chocolate brownies, etc.

I think now that the main reason I don't have one is that I'm afraid of needles. I can't even see my own arm when blood's drawn out. My co-worker told me a scarier story. We work in a cleanroom, no make-up. She was tired of the no-make up thing. So, she decided to get some permanent make-up on her -- permanent eyeliner above her eyes. She went to a tatoo shop and got her right eye done. She picked a deep blue color. Mind you her skin is very brown, so the blue color really stood out. It was painful like crazy. When the right eye was done she was all in tears from the pain. Well, she couldn't very well go walking around with only one eye done. That would look weird. So she submitted her other eye to the same excrutiating pain. After crying and many tears, she went home. They told her to keep her eyes under ice. The next day she said she looked horrible, like someone had beat her up pretty bad. Her eyes were swollen. So, she had to call into work sick until the swelling went down.

That was about 10 years ago. She still has the tatooed eyeliner. They told her that she might need to go in for a touch up after a few years. But she said forget that; she was never going to go thru that again.

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Hmmm... my PE-seal tattooed on a butt cheek might not be a bad idea....

I don't know, dude - the image of your PE-ness tatooed on your butt cheek?

I smell trouble...

Frankly, I don't think any advertisement is necessary. An engineer who has a PE-ness can be recognized by the aura of confidence and a certain swagger in the way they walk.

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If you are into basic CPR instructions, you should check out

That 'maid' my morning JR.

The problem for me was that she was influenced to do something she never wanted to do because the guy was manipulating her to get to us.

That is why I will be bigger and in better shape then, and will have a savings account dedicated to paying my fines for battery charges.

Cause, the boyfriend will take a A$$ beating. LOL.

Actually, I don't know why so many teenage girls are so set on 'rebelling' against their parents. I hope mine doesn't go that way, but I'll have to be prepared anyhow.

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Are you in the mafia or something?

No, but it's the only time in my life that I had serious thoughts about hiring a hit man.

Of course, you can't really do that.

And, YES, DVINNY, all parents have to be prepared for teenage rebellion.

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And, YES, DVINNY, all parents have to be prepared for teenage rebellion.

In my town maybe a year or so a this girl and her boyfriend got busted for plotting to kill her parents. I don't know just what the crime was, may have been conspiracy to commit murder or something like that.

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No ink for me. I'm not opposed to getting a small tattoo somewhere easily concealed by my work clothes; I just haven't thought of something that I want to still be on my body when I'm 100.

I do have a bunch of piercings, all in my ears. Three sets of studs in my earlobes and a circular barbell in my right ear cartilage. I was considering an industrial but don't trust anyone locally to do it properly.

The first pair in the earlobes was when I was 7, like many little girls. The second pair was when I was 16...I convinced my mom to sign the consent form AND she got a second set of holes on a whim! I wanted a third pair shortly thereafter and was told no by both parents - so when I turned 18, I went out and did it anyways. The cartilage piercing came about my freshman year of college; I successfully hid it for several months until I absentmindedly tucked my hair behind my ear in church on Easter Sunday and my father whispered, "You're so busted." :D

I took all of them out for job interviews, and stopped wearing all but the cartilage piercing and the first set in the earlobes before my wedding, but about a year ago I put them all back in. It's the one bit of rebellion/non-conformity I have in the workplace. I like my piercings and I don't apologize to anyone for having them.

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Well, we've discussed this topic before, but I'll add my 2 cents...

I have three:

- a tasmania devil on my right calf (done in high school)

- a pair of hearts on my chest with my wife's name in looks pretty cool, and it was done by a Chinese guy free hand

- some tribal on my left forearm

My oldest daughter got her first one (a butterfly on her right ankle) when she was 17, she asked me to take her and I said "Oh hell yeah!!", j/k, I figured that she was going off to college and she was going to get one if she wanted it anyway. So we jumped in the car and I took her. (The wifey HATES tattoos, and she didn't talk to me or our daughter for about a week). She got her second one (a pair of hearts linked together) to cover up a scar from a hernia operation. She was a little self-conscious when she would wear her bathing suit so she thought she would get that covered up.

Now, my other daughter has asked me if I would take her to get one for her birthday...that discussion is still underway.

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The only tattoos I have ever thought about getting are the family crests from my mother and father's side, one on each shoulder. meh, I don't think that will ever happen.

Oh, and this thread is worthless without pics.

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Guest Dexman1349

I have 3:

right chest - Biohazard symbol

left back shoulderblade - tribal

right ankle - Frat motto

my wife has 2

lower back - tribal "tramp stamp" (she called it that before I knew of the term)

left side between her ribs and pelvic bone - Medical Cadusis (the medical cross with snakes - she's a nurse)

and we both want more

I want to get a small semi-band around my forearm but haven't quite nailed down the design

my wife wants to get a "nurse pin-up" (like the girls that were painted onto the bombers in WW2) on her right side to offset her Cadusis.

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