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I feel like I say/write this every couple of years.....but I hope I just took my last licensing exam.   Once again, at the request of my company, I applied for and took the New York Surveying exam.  It was supposed to be last April, but "the Corona" as my daughter puts it, messed things up.

So, myself and 16 other surveyors piled into the Embassy Suites at the Newark Airport, which is not in New York State, to take this exam.

I feel pretty good about the exam...I took the recommended review course, and I think it paid off, but we'll see.

This exam is still pencil and paper, so I have the newest NCEES 2020 October pencil, which is nice.

It got me thinking though....if all the exams from April 2020 were cancelled....a true collectors item would be the Pencil from the 2020 April exam.  You know there are boxes just somewhere with tens of thousands of pencils.....

Anyway....I'm counting down the days to the results, so if any of you have taken the NY Surveying exam and can give me a guess as to when they come in, I'd appreciate it.  Otherwise i'm just going to spam myself on this site for the next 2-3 months.

Hope everyone is surviving this pandemic,


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I also planned to take this exam, but first, the pandemic disrupted my plans, and then I realized that I needed to better prepare and improve my skills. That's why I even used the services of the Papersowl service to have them write papers as a model for me. It was very useful for me, so I hope that soon I will succeed.

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It's going to be a long 10-12 weeks.....we're about 25% of the way there............

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5 Weeks down......3 to 7 to go.......Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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I know I'm the only one that cares, but I'm happy to report that ............:PASSED2:.............................:party-smiley-048:

I'm now a licensed Surveyor in 10% of this country.

And props to the NY board for getting results out in less than 6 weeks.....

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