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I am currently working as an engineer in the water/wastewater field. My company uses drafters for almost all of our drawings so I am way out of practice with my own drafting skills. Aside from making my own process flow diagrams in Microstation and occasionally making small changes with AutoCAD, I am rarely using any drafting programs. I am concerned that if I ever switch companies I might have a hard time getting a job without drafting skills. Are there any courses/videos/tutorials that people in the Civil industry would recommend I complete? At this time I think Civil 3D would be the best use of my time. Sounds like Microstation is no longer that common for 3D modeling. Open to all suggestions!

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For autocad I would recommend you break it down by topic, alignments, pipe networks, feature lines, corridors, grading tools, surfaces etc, then you can find a good introductory videos on youtube or lots of discussions on each topic and how to's, the autocad help menu is also informative. I would highly recommend utilizing the drafters you have because they have studied the software, learn from them as much about drafting as you can. I currently work for a company with no drafters, not as efficient as if we had them in drawing. 

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